Snapshots and Life Lately

Tyke came inside to warm up and play with Jed
Is Levi really big enough for this toy?  Yes, yes he is.  And I can't get enough of that open mouthed happiness!
Brownie making and learning to sit...
although I think Levi prefers to lay back on the bobby instead and enjoy his view of the world from there
Words can't quite describe the love I have for this boy
Levi helped me set up for a photo shoot.  I think this picture is almost absolute perfection!
We made s'mores one afternoon with our new s'mores maker.  There's no such thing as too many marshmallows and too much chocolate, is there?
Jed has become very proficient at the puzzle app we have on our tablet
Just look at those eyebrows and Levi's look of concentration
Helping Mom cook dinner!  No worries, I keep a close eye and hand on him at all times.
"Uhhh, I dropped the spoons!"
Just hanging out on a cold winter afternoon: Jed running laps, Levi craning his neck to see

The cold weather has enticed us to cozy up inside the house these past two weeks.   We've been reading lots of books, playing with play dough, puzzles, and cars, watching movies with popcorn, and taking extra long evening bubble baths.

We started another round of sleep training with Levi.  It is sooo HARD, but it is even harder to get up with him every three hours.  The lack of sleep I've endured for weeks on end has made me a grouchy and energy-less mama.  I'm ready to enjoy my days mothering again!

Bron has gone skiing with friends the last two Saturdays.  He said it was epic.  There was fresh powder and they had a blast!

When the guys arrived home last Saturday, we ladies had a girls' night out to see Les Mis.  There were four of us: three brought babies, the other is pregnant.  What a sight we must've been!  But the babies slept like angels and we were all in tears by the end of the show.   It was a fun night out.

Yesterday, I took the boys sledding on some little hills near the college (with some friends, of course).  Even Levi went for a few rides and gave up a few squeals of delight!  Then last night Bron and I went out to dinner ALL BY OURSELVES!  Yup, we were childless and it was wonderful.  It was three hours of rejuvenation we both needed.  Wow, I love that man.  He is so good to me, even when I don't act like I deserve it.

And that concludes our lives as of late!  I hope you're staying warm and enjoying January too!


  1. Your boys are seriously soo cute. And I'm sure you're a great mom, even on no sleep. I'm really not looking forward to that being me in the next couple months. Haha. And you're smart staying inside because hopefully you don't get sick like everyone else is!

  2. Oh I love your pictures. You capture the moments so well!

  3. Levi is getting so big and handsome! I can't believe it!

  4. Levi is getting so big and handsome! I can't believe it!


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