Between caring for a new baby and the Holidays, I haven't had much opportunity to accomplish anything extra.  That, and because honestly exercising and playing with my pictures on the computer are higher on the priority list than honing some of my homemaking skills.  BUT I have managed to do a few things.

These beautiful pillows are my first project.  I've been working on them for weeks.  Literally.  I cut out material here, sewed a few stitches there, and they finally came together weeks later.  My favorite things about these pillows are:

1. I used the stuffing from old unwanted pillows from Momma Nelsons house 
2. The bright colors and adorable prints 
3. The gray minky on the backside of one. 

The gray minky was actually inspired by Bron.  He said that if I was making accent pillows for the couch, he had to be able to fall asleep and drool (just kidding, sort of) on at least one side.  I think I came through!  It's sooo soft!  That minky pillow has actually become my favorite pillow to nurse with.  I want to make a couple more!

We also have a "new" coffee table!

Do you recognize it?  It's our old kitchen table, courtesy of good 'ol Walmart.  (So you know it's cheap.)  This summer I found a replacement for it at a garage sale.  I love my new kitchen table very much, but I knew this one still had some life left in it.  So Bron took her out to the garage and cut her legs!  Nice, huh?  My original plan was to place a layer of foam on top of the table and cover it with material so that Bron and I would have a nice spot to put our feet while we cuddle and watch movies.  It turns out, however, that my plan will be put on hold, perhaps indefinitely.  We still like putting our cups and snacks on it.  Better yet, it's become the perfect place for Jed to run his cars.  So here's to our short re-purposed kitchen table!

    A typical Sunday night at our home: popcorn and games... on the "new" table.


  1. I love the pillows! The fabrics you chose are so cute! I really love the orange and grey. And putting minky on the back- great idea.

    1. Thanks, Renae! I really admire your sewing talents. You do some incredible projects!


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