It's my Birthday!

I've noticed the following scenario happening more and more often:  
"Hey, I remember when that movie first came out.  I was about seven or eight years old."   
"Holy Crap!  That was twenty years ago!"

I am officially old enough to remember what life was like twenty years ago.  Whoa.  
Hello ya good 'ol 90's!  Miss you teeny stretchy shorts.  
(Not really.  Just missing the fact that I could pull them off without a second thought!)

So in honor of my 28th birthday today, 
let's rewind time and take a peek at who I was two, ten, and twenty years ago!

 Twenty Years Ago: 1993
My brother Joe and I.  This picture just makes me laugh out loud.

:: I was 8 years old and in the second grade
:: We lived in Hawaii at the time.  We loved swimming!
:: I was baptized by my dad in February
:: My best friend's name was Emily
:: I was learning the Seitz Concertos on the violin
:: I was a very bossy big sister

Ten Years Ago: 2003
  Wow.  Look at that hair!  Haha

:: I just turned 18
(I feel like I stopped aging then.  I still don't feel a day older than eighteen.)
:: I was a senior at Eagle High School
:: Thought I was in love with a boy
:: Auditioning all over for violin scholarships to college even though I knew BYU-Idaho was where I really wanted to be.  Lucky for me, I got the scholarship I was looking for.
:: Crazy stupid.  I should have died that summer cliff jumping and such

Five Years Ago: 2008

:: Bron and I celebrated our first anniversary in May
:: Working full time at the Idaho Eye Center
:: Taught violin lessons after work while Bron milked cows and did homework
:: Our weekends were blissful and busy.  We were newlyweds, remember?  Oh, those sweet days!
:: Learning and growing into my roles as wife and homemaker

Two Years Ago: 2011
Fourth Of July

:: The busiest year ever!
:: I was a new mom to Jed, adjusting to his constant little needs and timetable
:: Working in the evenings feeding calves on Miner Farm
:: Bron graduated with his master's degree, found a job, and we moved from New York to Idaho
:: Went on a dream vacation to Hawaii with my love, Bron
:: We bought a house in October!
:: Got pregnant again in November = hormonal mess

Today: 2013
My boys and I!  Picture taken today on my 28th birthday

:: Embracing my roles as a wife to Bron and a mother to Jed and Levi
:: I still struggle to put my role as wife first sometimes
:: Learning to balance my time between two little boys and house chores.
I'm learning that playing pretend with Jed rocks.  There will always be dishes and laundry no matter what I do.  I might as well play!
:: Goals to run some half marathons this year = work off that post prego belly
:: I now have more responsibility than ever before, but with that comes more independence and happiness that I've never known before too!

Two Years From Now: 2015

:: I'll turn 30 years old.  Ouch!
:: I'll be pro at balancing my different hats
:: Still be head-over-heels in love with that man I call my husband
:: Expecting baby #3?


Bron started it off right for me by bringing home five pounds of strawberries and chocolate last night.  I have a sore in my mouth from eating so many strawberries!  Strawberries are my favorite.  Today, the little boys and I spent a few hours in town this afternoon.  Then Bron surprised me with a brand new dress when he walked in the door after work.  Isn't he romantic?  The man knows how to choose a dress too!  It is slimming and absolutely adorable.  So I put it on {of course!}, dropped the kids off with some babysitters, and Bron treated me to dinner at Jaker's.  Delicious!  Bron treats me so well.  He insists on spoiling me rotten.  I've told him that there are much cheaper ways to keep me happy, (I would have been just as thrilled with some strawberries and him throwing together dinner at home) but that's just the way Bron prefers to show his love for me.

I have definitely felt loved today.  I've gotten so many messages, texts, phone calls, and cards in the mail from countless friends and family.  Thank you!  I'd say 28 is starting out pretty great!  


  1. Happy Birthday! I turned 26 on the 24th! : ) Yay for January babies!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! This was a GREAT idea to do!! I might have to steal it when I turn 25 this year (gasp!)

  3. Happy birthday sweetie, I hope you had a fabulous day. Gosh your boys are adorable!!!

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