Let's Talk About Jed for a Minute

 At first I told him to stop blowing bubbles in his milk, but then I succumbed to the fun and took pictures instead.

This little boy is my first born.  There is something terribly special about him, or how special he is to me.  I can't explain it; everyday I love him a little bit more than the day before.  It's an aching joyous kind of love.  My heart lives on the outside of my body and his name is Jed. 

Some days Jed is the perfect model of a terrible two year old, but he's actually quite a good kid.  He's silly and cute and happy, and maybe even a little crazy.  He's learning to listen.  He can ask for help without whining.  He's also learning to share and be gentle, especially with girls.  Best of all, he's beginning to actually talk!

He certainly isn't perfect at these things though.  We are constantly reminding him to use words and to be gentle.  But the point is, he's come a long way this year!  I am so proud of him.

With this growth, I've begun noticing some qualities that distinctly belong to Jed.

One in particular is his ability to think of others before himself.  When scampering to the kitchen on a Sunday evening to grab a cookie, he brought back two: one for him, one for Dad.  No one asked him to.  Sometimes when I'm nursing the baby Jed brings me my water jug.  Or when Levi is laying on his bedroom floor, Jed often brings him a toy.  He does little things like this all the time!

Jed is obsessed with puzzles right now and he's good at them!  To me, it is a sign of intelligence.

However, his perspective on the world makes us laugh out loud from time to time.  For instance, according to Jed, Bron's name is "Dad", my name is "Mom", Levi's name is "Bae" for baby, and Jed calls himself "Mine".  We'll keep working on that.  Oh yes, and everything is the color blue; apparently there are no other colors in the rainbow.

Compared with Levi he seems so big now!  But I have to remind myself that he's still in nursery at church.  He's just barely bigger than a baby.  He loves finger plays and his unsure footing when he hops is endearing.  (The play dough eating isn't though.)

I love Jed's sweet hugs.  I want to pause those moments when he cuddles up next to me to read a book.  I cherish the times he holds my hand as we walk together.  I know these carefree school-less days with my innocent little boy won't last forever.  I want to make the most of them.

Jed is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I never knew love like this before he was born.  Jed has changed me from the inside-out.  He is going to teach me and humble me and amaze me.  I'm really looking forward to what the next few years of growth will bring because mothering Jed these last two and a half years has been the best adventure of my life. 


  1. I really wish I were as articulate as you are. You know how to put things into words that I just can't describe.


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