It's a New Year

There's a small part of me that is sad the Holiday Season is over, but another part that is relieved.  I'm a little grateful to be getting back into a more relaxed routine.  And I think my midsection is too.  All those parties and holiday treats were starting to show!  (Not that my midsection looks great in the first place.  I'm still working off that post-baby flab.)

We had one last holiday hurrah on New Years Day at Bron's childhood home with the whole Nelson family.  It was an all day party that consisted of food, board games, and a load of new presents.  We were loved and spoiled.

(Yes, we visited my mom the week before and were showered with presents there too.  It's been a great Christmas season.)

Our nephews Tannon and Jaden
Grandpa Nelson made these incredibly awesome tugboats and barges out of wood.  They're painted in all different colors, connect together, and even float on water; they're practically unsinkable!  The barges came with all sorts of wild animals to load onto them too.  They were A HIT with the kids!
Grandma Nelson made all the grandkids soft warm blankets.  Jed is attached to his now.  (And I may have stolen Levi's blanket a couple of times already.)
Modeling my new scarf!  Bron and our boys.  Love them.
Yup, a shotgun.  He looks mighty pleased, doesn't he?

As a gift to ourselves this year, Bron and I had the first two years or so of this blog printed and bound.  It is 349 pages!  I can't explain how special it is to have a physical copy of our personal and family history.  I've enjoyed flipping through the book, reading passages (I didn't realize there was so much personality!), gooing over Jed's baby pictures, and just remembering.  This folks, is exactly why I blog.  I hope to have at least ten volumes lining the shelves of our home one day.

Bron and I escaped for a half hour on New Years Day to do some cross country skiing.  I wish I had brought my camera.  It was take-my-breathe-away beautiful!  However, I'm not sure my camera could have captured what Bron and I were feeling.  We love having a few moments to ourselves.  And when the world is white with snow, sun pouring through the trees, and it is quiet--in that moment, all seems right with the world.

Snapshots of our home in a winter wonderland

The New Year has brought with it snow and freeeezing cold temperatures.  They're the kind of days I don't leave the house, even to go to the mailbox.  (Pathetic, I know.)  But the New Year has also brought with it a determination to achieve some new goals.  Here are some of mine in writing... so you can hold me to them!

:: Run 3 half marathons.  We are planning on running one in San Diego in August.  The other two just might be a Bron and Jessie Saturday Special.
:: Teach four violin lessons a week.
:: Attend the temple monthly with my husband.
:: Pray with more meaning; listen for answers.


P.S.  On a totally unrelated topic, Levi's little system has been struggling since we added some solid food to his diet.  He FINALLY pooped today.  Wow.  There are no words.


  1. Looks like a fun New Year! And I'm with you on the freezing cold temperatures. I've been slacking on checking the mail too, because it's so cold and I just don't want to leave the house.

  2. I'm getting ready to get our blog printed into a book too, can't wait!! Looks like you had an amazing Christmas Season and woo hoo for the poop! :)


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