Utah Weekend Part I: A Winter Swim and Family

View of Utah's Painted Desert.  Elevation: 8,000 feet

We had a very busy four day weekend in Utah.  We mixed business with family and fun and I now have a lot to report. 

We began our weekend with a road trip to southern Utah--Richfield to be exact--Thursday morning. (Bron travels down there twice a month for work.)  Seven hours, one stop, ten books, a bag of animals and cars, and a tablet full of toddler apps later, Bron dropped us off at the hotel while he went  to visit a few dairies in the area.  

The little boys and I had an entire afternoon to ourselves free of all our normal responsibilities.  I really enjoyed giving all my attention to those two sweethearts!  So after chilling in the room for an hour, we donned our swimming gear and headed down to the indoor swimming pool.  Levi leaned back in his floatie and relaxed with a thumb in his mouth.  He was so stinkin' cute!  Jed, on the other hand, had a death grip on me the entire time even though he was wearing a full blown life vest.  (It made me determined to get a pass to the pool this summer to remedy that.)  But we had a grand time floating around together, pretending to be dogs and pretending to eat pretend fish.  Then we warmed up in the hot tub.  Ahhh, the hot tub!  Then Jed got to press the buttons on the elevator again.  

Bron brought back a giant pizza and dessert to the room that evening and we all crashed early.  Sleeping and sleeping arrangements the entire weekend were kind of crazy and a bit unconventional, maybe even a bit hysterical.  That night Bron slept in one queen sized bed with Jed (that had to be uncomfortable!) while Levi slept with me in the other bed.  We never had that kind of problem traveling around when Jed was a baby because Jed was an excellent sleeper; Levi is not.  So Levi faithfully kept a hand on me the entire night and we survived the night feeling relatively well-rested!

Then it was back into the truck for another half day.  The boys travel really well!  Levi passes out as soon as the truck starts rolling and Jed has become accustomed to entertaining himself.  Bron and I have some time to talk and we enjoy that.  We climbed up into the mountains and Bron showed me some dairies he works with.  Even in winter, the views and red rock were still amazing sights!

We finally made it to Utah Valley in time to meet my grandparents and Aunt Mari and family for an early dinner followed by frozen yogurt for dessert.  Levi got lucky.  My Aunt Mari spoon fed Levi from her bowl.  He loved it and he cried for more!  I'm not sure if it's legit that Levi eat dairy products before he's one, but it sure was some good entertainment.  

And now, views from our hotel room!  (I didn't take very many pictures.  Gasp!)

 Talking on a real phone with a cord!  So cool when you're two.  Don't worry, we unplugged it.
All ready for the pool!
Jumping on the hotel bed is one of my all time favorite childhood past times.  I couldn't help handing it off to the next generation.
 Just chillin' on the bed after a swim discovering his yummy chubby tiny toes!  I love this stage.
 Dessert spoils for Levi


  1. i love the photos of the boys in the bed. Levi is FAT. Why is it that we love our babies to be sooooo fat! I want to hold him so badly. He looks like he absolutely adores his big brother!

    1. He does adore Jed! And I don't know... maybe FAT babies let us know we're feeding them enough! I can't get enough of his rolls.


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