Six of the Sweetest Months

Just one year.  That's all I get with each of my babies before they start sprouting into little toddlers.  
Just one year of babyhood.  It doesn't seem like enough!  The time speeds by too fast.  

And though there have been moments when I wish I could fast forward to a more independent child,
intuitively, I know that right now I am living in some of the most precious moments of my life.  

These days of smiles and giggles, of chubby thighs and tiny fists, 
of holding him close and rocking him to sleep in the night, 
will pass quicker than I expect.  

I find myself counting my blessings.  
I am so thankful for this season of my life to be a young mother,
as busy and tiresome as it is, as hard as it is

...because my focus, my love, my entire being has shifted
and I have never been happier or more whole.

I hope I cherish these days for exactly what they are.  
And I hope my babies know that I love them.... so very, very much!

No matter how big you grow, you will always be my baby, Levi.

 Just had to throw this one in here!  Poor baby, but a good crying picture just makes me laugh.
(Note: No babies were neglected in the making of this picture.)
 Ahhh, just look at that delicious fat baby!
 His smiles endear him to me.  Those cheeks are irresistible.

Levi at Six Months:

:: Levi is chronically happy!  His dad calls him "Smiles" because all it takes is a look from any person and Levi will grin and smile in return.  Baby Boy knows how to work it too; he has me smiling all day long.
:: Extremely good-natured even when he has a stuffy nose  (I suspect he's teething too!)
:: Fascinated with his toes and his brother.
:: BIG blue eyes and expressive eyebrows
:: Loves his groceries: both mama's milk and solid food.  He especially enjoys food with flavor, like fruit or chocolate or a greasy piece of bacon.  (Yup, I let him suck on a piece of bacon.)  Therefore he is sturdy and chunky and practically the size of a one year old.  Why do we women love our babies so fat?
:: Levi can sit!  He can also roll over from back to front and around again, though back again is still a challenge.
:: Is a fan of Mom blowing raspberries on his neck
:: Often puts an arm around my neck.  It feels like he's hugging me and I can't get enough.
:: The world's best sloppy kisser.
:: Little dare-devil.  Levi laughs and grins when we dance and spin and do some upside-down dipping.
:: Enjoys grabbing anything he comes in contact with and promptly stuffs it in his mouth; it's a good game.  He especially likes towels and blankets.  I think they're easy to grab and feel good on his gums.
:: Drools.  A lot.  It is not atypical for him to soak three bibs in a day.
:: Unusually content to sit and play while I get something done
:: Gives the best grins and laughs when we play peek-a-boo
:: Grips my fingers when he nurses
:: Doesn't mind his cheeks squished and smooched on a gazillion times a day
:: Sucks his thumb.  Levi has always preferred something fleshy over a chewy pacifier.  (So I never pushed the pacifier.)
:: Sits on my lap through almost every meal
:: Is busy, busy, busy!  His hands must be grasping or his mouth must be gnawing
:: Sleeping better.  Finally!
:: Is very much attached to his mama.  I don't mind a bit because I'm pretty attached to him!
:: Levi is the sunshine to my day.  He is so sweet and I am so smitten with him.

Levi, thanks for your infectious smile, your happy go-lucky attitude, and your bright and sweet spirit.  I know you were meant to be mine.  You've only been here half a year, but already I can't imagine my life or our family without you.  I love you! -Mama

Take a peek back in time to read Jed's 6 Month Report!
My favorite part is the last paragraph.


  1. arww. he's just such a cutie!!! totally love his teethless laugh!!

    another thing...
    i am doing a blog-representation on my blog and it would be such an honor for me if you leave a comment and be a part of this... <3

  2. Such a cutie! That 3rd to last pic is my favorite! <3 I love his onesie too. I think you can definitely tell that him and Jed are brothers, even though they don't look exactly alike.

  3. I LOVE your birthday post too! Bron is so good to you! I love that pic with you and your boys.

  4. ah! how cute. those legs!
    I really didn't want to believe that it goes by fast. but Nolan is getting so big and so smart, I already am forgetting his baby-hood!


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