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Disclaimer: This post talks about poop and pee.  If you're not turned off already, keep reading!

It's official: Jed is a big boy!  To put it bluntly, he can now pee in the toilet by himself.  I never thought something like pee in a toilet would make me feel so proud, but it does.  I am one hundred percent a mommy of a toddler.

Jed actually surprised me with how quickly he picked it up!  I've heard so many horror stories from moms of boys about potty-training that I was terrified.  I originally didn't plan on potty-training Jed till around his third birthday in April, but when he started showing signs of interest--such as wanting to sit on the toilet to pee after his older friends did--I changed my mind.  What difference would a few months make anyway?

So about two weeks ago I went to the store and picked up a soft toddler sized toilet seat (to make sitting more comfortable for Jed and with a lip to catch those flyaway yellow streams), some thicker training underwear (for less puddles on the floor), and reward candy (peanut-butter M&M's).  

I'm not sure how many hours I've spent sitting on that cold tile floor reading books to Jed while he happily sat there.  By day three I was exhausted from running him to the bathroom three times each hour and cleaning up what seemed like endless messes.  Jed would yell, "I pee!" and we would run to the bathroom... always just a little too late.  Each time I would stay positive and tell him it was a good try.  Nobody told me how stressful potty-training can be!  But I knew I couldn't stop because Jed headed straight to the bathroom upon waking up that morning.  And I'm glad I didn't quit because day three was when it clicked. 

Yes, on day three Jed got it!  Sometime that afternoon he ran to the bathroom on his own and came out without pants and a grin on his face.  "I pee!  I pee!"  He was soooo happy!  I went in to check.  Indeed, he had peed!  I was euphoric!  We did a little happy dance, I hugged and kissed Jed a hundred times, and then let him watch a mickey mouse cartoon via utube on the tablet.

For a few days, toons as we call them around here, were Jed's motivation and reward for going to the bathroom.  Now he's happy with some candy.  But mostly, I think the satisfaction of being called a big boy and having dry underwear is reward enough for him.  I can tell Jed is proud of himself too.  He knows he is smart and capable.

I think it is safe to say that Jed is well on his way to being completely potty-trained.  I'm sure I'll have a summer full of accidents, but for now Jed keeps his pants dry all day long, even through nap time.  (Say whaat?!?)  He tells me when he has to go and sometimes even runs to the bathroom all by himself.  It's amazing!!!  We're still working on the whole poop thing though.  I couldn't get out of potty training without a good poop story!

Jed's First Good Poop Story:

Last week, Bron was working late and I was getting the boys ready for bed.  I got them both out of the bathtub at the same time.  I thought, "Jed is pretty much potty-trained.  I'll hurry and get Levi all ready for bed and then get Jed.  What are the chances he'll poop?"

Well, apparently those chances were pretty darn high!  Jed came running into Levi's bedroom streaked in brown from the waist down and reaking of turd.  I paused and silently freaked out while taking in the situation, wondering how bad it really was.  Then I flew into a flurry of action: I placed Levi under his mobile in the crib, plopped Jed in yet another bath, and then went back through the house with a box of wipes to assess the poop situation.

Of all the square footage of tile in this house, Jed had to be in the one room with carpet.  Apparently, when Jed finally realized he was pooping he got up and ran to the bathroom, but not before he stepped in a huge chunk of the warm brown stuff.  There was a trail of poop stains from the den, through the hallway, on the living room carpet, and smeared all over the bathroom.  Gross.  Just plain smelly and gross.

I got the kids all cleaned up and put to bed about the time Bron arrived home.  I went to him for a hug.

"Wanna help me clean up some turd stains in the carpet?" I asked.
Bron laughed.  "So that's what smells funny in here!"
I couldn't help laughing either.  

Oh, the joys of parenting!  I knew these days would come.  


  1. I am sooo jealous! I have been potty training for 1 1/2 months and Mason is still peeing in his pants! I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Congrats!

  2. Oh gosh that's hilarious! I'm so not looking forward to potty training in a couple years...but then I know I''ll love it after the fact hahaha good for Jed!!

  3. Hilarious! OMG I just laughed at work! amazing poop story!

  4. Haha! I'm sorry to laugh at your poop story, I would have been so upset and tired and stressed. But, it is funny, after the fact! Yay for Jed! You are a smart mama for waiting until Jed was really ready. I started Hailey way too early, because I wanted it. She didn't. It was extrememly stressful and exhausting. I quit two or three times before it actually clicked with her. I'm definitely waiting until Keira is at least 2 1/2 to start, unless she's ready sooner.

  5. Glad to see Jed has some "reading" material for while he's on the toilet!


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