Happy Valentine's Day!
We hope you're feeling the love today.
Love, The Nelson Family

Today I'll be holding my boys closer and for just a little bit longer. 
I'll use the holiday as an excuse to smooch their cute cheeks a little extra.  
And I think I just might spoil them a little bit.  
As a wife and mother, Valentine's is the sweetest. 
I'm so glad there's an entire day dedicated to declaring my love for my family in such a fun way!

P.S.  I would totally stage some pictures with Jed in them, but he's a two year old boy and therefore does not pose.  I'm enjoying my little immobile model while I've got him!


  1. this is just the cutest photography session!! i love this, your son is adorable and you are right a lil hunk indeed

  2. Seriously dying over this!!! Your blog is absolutely wonderful!!

    xoxo your newest follower!!


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