Snapshots of Life Lately

Other than spending the weekend at the State Wrestling Tournament, nothing too exciting has been going on over here.  It's been cold so we've been hanging out at home on the floor with toys.  
Life is good.
 Brotherly Love.  
Moments like this don't seem to last long enough since Jed enjoys bowling his little brother over and "wrestling" him.  But Levi is tough and seems to actually enjoy it... most of the time.
 An afternoon walk on a rare warm winter day.  
Notice Jed has a truck in each hand.  He's done that since he could grasp.
 Even "milking" boots can be cute when they're miniature!
 Jed plastered stickers all over and colored Valentine's Day cards for his grandparents and cousins.  It was a fun morning at the Nelson home.
 Glued to a movie and eating popcorn... yeah, on his bed.
 The best way to keep a baby entertained is to fill the living room up with toys so that wherever he scoots or rolls there is something to play with.  Those toys often live there for several days before we clean them up and start again with a slightly different variety.  I don't think that makes me a bad or lazy mom; I think it makes me realistic.
 Sip that sippy
King Kong of the legos! 
Is something funny, Levi?
In other news, I think I have finally accepted that I cannot accomplish my "to-do" list in one fowl swoop like I used to be able to do.  The best part is that I am okay with it.  It used to be much easier to pound out my "to-do" list with just one child in tow.  Two, however, has forced me to change my game.  I do the dishes, fill a little need, play on the floor, empty the trash, fill a little need, sort some laundry, play on the floor, fill a little need, make a phone call, fill a little need, etc. etc.  It takes all day, but my list gets done.  And if it doesn't?  Well, there's always tomorrow.  No biggie.  I feel accomplished and my boys have been given plenty of love and attention throughout the day.  Awesome points for me!
And now I am off to feed and bathe my little men.
Good night!


  1. So cute! I definitely see your resemblance in Levi and your husbands in Jed!

  2. How did you get Levi to hold a sippy cup?? I've been trying like EVERYTHING (short of ziptying her hands) to get Rory to hold any sort of thing to her mouth to eat!

  3. Haha "King Kong of the legos"! He's so dang cute!

  4. I know I've said this before, but I just love your pictures!

  5. LOVE the pictures! Your boys are so precious (and getting SO BIG!)

  6. Your pictures are amazing! I have two boys as well and my littlest is SO tough because my big one loves to wrestle with him. Watching brothers play together is the best (even if it should require a helmet). And don't worry about that to-do list, love and attention are the most important for sure! I am new to your blog but am so excited about following along!


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