Deja Vu

Every once in a while something happens and I am instantly thrown back in time.  Nostalgia hits as a memory replays itself in my mind.  And then I smile... because recently they've been really good memories.  But the best part is I'm reliving them again.

A few days ago when I dressed Levi in his gray shirt and jeans, I laughed out loud and couldn't help finishing his outfit up with some red sneakers and a faux hawk.  Then I promptly went to town photographing my happy baby in the living room.  You see, I remembered Jed handsomely sporting the same outfit, at about the same age.

Take a look!
Jed at 5 months old
September 2010

Levi just shy of 6 months old
January 2013

Then when I put Levi on the changing table while Jed slept the afternoon away, (Because why would two little children sleep at the very same time?  That's just silly.) I quickly grabbed my camera.  History was repeating itself: same outfit, same interest in toes.  And in that moment, I felt a little sad about the baby that's gone forever and smiled at the one in front of me.

Jed at 6 months old
October 2010

Levi at 6 months old
February 2013

And ohh, the sloppy slobber kisses!  Don't get me started.  I am thoroughly enjoying this stage of Levi's development.  I remember when Jed used to suck on my chin too.  Babies sure do know how to wriggle their way into their mama's hearts.

I love my little boys!  Round two seems to be flying by faster than the first, but it is equally fun.  I hope to experience many more of these deja vu moments in the years to come.

Also, notice those photography skills.  I think they've improved a bit over the last two years!  Woohoo!


  1. I wish we were neighbors so you could teach me some photography skills; I have none. And it is so true that time flies quicker and quicker. Kiss those fat little legs while they're still there!

  2. oh my goodness, they are too cute! i love the changing table pics. my daughter just turned one and i can't believe how fast the last year flew by!

  3. oh my goodness your boys are so stinkin' adorable!

  4. I have the same thing happen when I dress Mason in Gavin's clothes, so much fun to have memories streaming back into your mind.

  5. how cool to see their similarities!
    you do have great photography skills.

  6. Oh man your little boys are adorable! Love your blog!

    Just saying hey from the DoBEG link-up ;)



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