A Peek at Our Weekend

 We had another fantastically relaxing winter weekend which included...

 :: A hot date to the temple Friday night with my Love.  Then we summed up the evening at Five Guy's.  Mmmm!  It was wonderful for us to get out, not so wonderful for our poor babysitter who tended a fussy mommy-sick baby.  (Levi is very attached to his mama.)

:: A snowstorm!  We didn't get nearly the amount of snow as folks on the east coast did this weekend, but nonetheless, beautiful fat silent flakes fell all day long Friday covering everything in several inches of that fluffy white stuff.

:: The little boys and I ventured out to play in the snow Saturday morning.  Jed struggled to pick up a giant snowball.  Then he licked it.

:: Jed and I made a little snowman in the backyard.  His favorite part was putting the arms on.

:: Pottty training for Jed!  It's exhausting.  (More on that later.)

 :: Bron came home sore but happy from a day spent skiing in fresh powder on the slopes with a friend

:: Admiring my baby from head to foot.  I admit it, I have a baby foot fettish.  Oh, those tiny fat toes!
And that cute little tummy?  It just begs to be tickled!

:: Late afternoon games like air hockey, hide-and-seek, "wrestling", and finger plays with my boys

:: Making warm gooey chocolate chip cookies

***I hope your weekend was just as warm and sweet.***


  1. these pictures are awesome! looks like you had an incredibly relaxing and fun weekend. i want one of those gooey chocolate chip cookies! :)

  2. Those are the best kind of weekends! I'm with you on the potty training, it IS exhausting!!


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