Letter to My Boys

My Dearest Boys,

Last week some children went to school in Connecticut and didn't come home.  Tears well up in my eyes just thinking about it.  It happened in an elementary school.  An elementary school!  I will send you, my innocent babies, to an elementary school in just a few short years.  Today, however, I am glad I get to hold you close.  You are safe at home with me where I can shield and protect you.  I just wish I could protect you forever.  I pray you will never know fear and tragedy like that.

This Christmas season there are many gifts wrapped in fancy paper waiting to be ripped open.  However, I already have the greatest gifts of my life with me.  My sweet boys, YOU are my greatest gifts.  I am glad I have another day with you; another day to enjoy your giggles and smiles, another day to hold your hands, and believe it or not, another day of changing diapers and picking up your messes.  You occupy my thoughts, my time, my arms, and my whole heart!  I don't know what I would do without you.  My greatest fear is losing you early.   

I have so many dreams for you!  Dreams of all the things you will do during the upcoming years.  Sports and school projects, missions and jobs, and perhaps even that beautiful woman you will grow old with.  The world has many caring and genuinely good people, but it needs more.  It needs more love, more kindness, more compassion.  I hope to teach you tolerance and respect, to be honest and hard working, to take responsibility for your choices, and to be a true friend.  I pray you will develop a healthy fear of God and a deep love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know you can be those kind of men; men that change the world for the better.  Nothing would make me happier.  I hope these dreams of mine will be realized, along with many dreams of your very own.

I love you Jed!  I love you Levi!  You will never understand just how much.

Love Always,

 Jed licking something very yummy from the pot in the sink
 Yes, Levi fell asleep on the bathroom rug and I totally let him nap there for a half hour.
Alllmost sitting!
No kidding, Jed can now put this puzzle together all by himself.  He's such a smart kid!
I could use some more zzzz's too.
A two minute before church photo session... sort of.  Don't they look so handsome in their Sunday best?


  1. Beautiful letter and beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas to your family!

  2. Did you take the photos of the boys? They are just precious. I loved your letter, and as the boys get older, I know the will appreciate all the love you have given them. I have been so deeply upset by the tragedy in Connecticut. I have cried daily....I guess as a mother of young children, this hits right at our hearts. It hurts so much to see beautiful, innocent children suffer....It is hurts too much. I can see/feel how much you love your boys. You are a good mother, Jessie.


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