29 Years Young

I look forward to celebrating this man every year.
Happy Birthday today to the Love of My Life, Bron!
Thirty doesn't seem so old anymore, does it.


In case you're wondering, Bron had a great day.  He had no idea I found the two books to finish his nine part series, Prelude to Glory.  Then we ate a wonderful dinner of chicken parm with sauce Bron made himself using tomatoes from our backyard this summer; I froze it.  It is the best sauce ever, spicy but sweet.  Then we invited some friends over to chat over some delicious cupcakes made by yours truly: brownie topped with peanut butter frosting.  A simple day, but a good one.  I love you, Bron!  I married a truly incredible all around husband and father.  Thanks for loving me back.

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  1. I realized looking at this picture that Levi has Bron's grin. There is a picture of Bron about that age with the same open mouth, make you smile, grin. I love it!! Tell him happy birthday from all of us.


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