Welcome 2014!

A Quick 2013 Year Review:
In January, we bought a new car and went to a Jazz game

In February, Jed was officially potty-trained!

In March, we had a ton of fun with our sweet friend, Anna, who came to visit from New York.

In April, Jed turned three, I bought a piano, and we celebrated Easter.

In May, Bron and I celebrated our sixth anniversary and we kicked off summer with a visit to the Nelson dairy.

In June, we spent the most blissful days just playing outside.  Dierkes Lake is most definitely a favorite.

In July, we hiked Alaska Basin, I attended my ten year high school reunion, and Bron conquered his very first triathlon. 

August was busy.  We celebrated Levi's first birthday, attended the Smith family reunion in Utah, and drove to California to visit my dad and family where I ran my very first half marathon.

In September, Bron went on a fishing trip, Levi got his first haircut, and we cooked s'mores up in the hills.

In October, we took full advantage of the beautiful Fall colors and went trick-or-treating on Halloween.

In November, we spent lots of time together as a family and ate ourselves silly on Thanksgiving.

In December, we found our Christmas tree in the snowy South Hills and celebrated Christmas for five days straight.

Browsing through this last year's archives has suddenly made me feel very grateful.  What did I do to deserve a life so richly blessed?  2013 was a good year.  Not only were we able to do a lot of fun things, but my marriage to Bron has never been stronger.  And both the boys grew so much!  Levi morphed from a rolly fat baby into a full blown toddler while his big brother Jed is proving to be the sweetest most energetic preschooler around.  I just don't see how 2014 could do better. 

Can I let you in on a little secret?  There's a little piece of fear that lives in the back of mind, a little shadow that is scared that something out of my control is waiting to bring tough problems and heartache at the opportune time when everything seems to be rolling along seamlessly.  But I try not to let fear rule my life and rely on hope instead--hope that no matter what life throws at us, everything will be okay.  A little growth is actually good for the soul after all, isn't it?  So 2014, I have high hopes that you'll deliver just as many smiles as the last year.    


A Few Personal Goals to Make 2014 the Best Year Yet:

Add five new clean eating recipes to our regular dinner regimen

Turn my photography hobby into a legitimate Idaho business

Lose a couple of inches off my arms and belly... just in time to get pregnant again?

Slow down.  Though there are instances when being punctual is important, right now, 90% of the time, my little boys and I really don't have a strict timetable.  So I will tell myself that it's okay if it takes an extra ten minutes to load the car to go to town.  I will not tell Jed to "hurry up" as he explores the weeds on a walk through the neighborhood.  And I will say "yes" more often to playing with my boys while leaving the dirty dishes in the sink.  It's about enjoying life in the moment.

Spend significantly less time on the internet (by checking Facebook and reading blogs just twice a week?) and spend more time tackling personal projects like paint touch-ups, putting baby books together, and sewing stockings for next Christmas.  Believe me, I have a project lined up for nearly every month this year.  Wish me luck!


I ushered in 2014 rocking a sick one year old, but I actually didn't mind too much.
Wishing you all the health and happiness that 2014 can bring! 
Happy New Year!


  1. Such great things to aspire to. And, by the way, yours was definitely one of my favorite 2013 recaps - short and sweet and meaningful, all the same.

  2. Cute collage! You have a beautiful family. Less time on the Internet is definitely on my list too. I feel like nowadays we're "online" all the time and it really drains our energy. So I'm in it with you, more projects and "real" stuff, less wandering about aimlessly in the amazing Internet ;)

  3. What lovely goals. I love the idea of slowing down, and setting aside a time each week to do this whole social media thing.

    Your blog is lovely by the way. I adore all of your pictures! I just found it through Crowley Party and I think I'll stick around. I look forward to reading more.


  4. What amazing goals you have made! Also, I love all of your pictures. Looks like you've had quite an amazing year.

  5. What an amazing year! I've enjoyed reading your blog from day one because you're so sweet, funny, and authentic. Plus, you're an amazing mom... Best wishes to you on all of your goals for 2014. I get tied up sometimes with fear and worry too, but you are so right...we need to let LOVE and HOPE rule our hearts.


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