Skiing with the Nelsons (My Very First Video!)

Pestilence has cursed this house.  We began the New Year as sickies and it looks like we'll continue feeling gross for another little while.  I'm tired of feeling tired.  But I think Levi takes the cake on sickness.  He was diagnosed with a double ear infection!  Poor baby.  I was surprised.  Levi seems to wear a perpetual grin no matter the situation.  He's as tough as nails, that kid.  It made me grateful I decided to take him in to see the doctor on a Friday night--you know, just in case.  So on top of a little medicine, we've been singing praises to the humidifier, Vicks vapor rub, and hot steamy showers.
Speaking of hot steamy showers, Levi decided he was ready to hop out of one before I had finished dressing for the day.  I quickly dried him off and set to brushing out my hair as fast as I could because if I didn't, I knew I'd get distracted and my hair would be a dried rat's nest by lunch time.  After all, three minutes wasn't an unseemly amount of time to let my one year old run around naked, was it? 
It was. 
I had just finished brushing my hair when Levi walked into the bathroom with poop smeared all over his fingers exclaiming, "Yucky!  Yucky!"  I sighed--it was my fault, after all--and then couldn't help laughing.  Levi was genuinely confused and concerned about this "yucky" stuff!  He had no idea where it came from or how it happened, really.  He was worried and perplexed!  Silly boy.  I was suddenly thankful he thought it was yucky and not something fun to play with!  Five minutes later, crisis cleaned up and averted.  Whew.
All this sickness coupled with a stressful week at work for Bron, and well... 2014, I think we started off on the wrong foot.  Hopefully this will all be short-lived.  If there is anything I can do to turn this around, 2014, please let me know.  I want to be friends.
So let's rewind time to that lively week we spent with family just after Christmas.  Bron, his brothers, and I all went skiing at Kelly's Canyon one day and took the GoPro with us on its maiden voyage.  And then I stayed up last night putting this video together.  It was so much easier than I had anticipated, though I don't think I will ever proclaim myself as a videographer.  It's just for fun.  So try not to laugh at our outdated gear or our skiing skills.  It was just a blast of a day out on the slopes.   
Music is "Hey Brother" by Avicii


  1. Cute video. :) We've been sickies over here as well so hopefully it will go away for all of us! I love that poop story-Patrick was the same way when he got poop on his hand. haha

  2. The skiing video was great! It made me want to hit the slopes. Looks like you had a fun day skiing!
    I love the poop story, too! You have to have good poop stories to be a mom! We love you guys!

  3. We've got a bug at our house too. The worst! Hoping y'all feel better soon! And your video has me DYING to go skiing! It's been way, way way too long.

  4. Looks so fun in the snow! Also, I love poop stories :) I want to hear Levi's little voice!

  5. Jesse,

    Your blog is phenomenal!! I'm seriously in love. Cannot wait to see where 2014 takes you...hopefully it will turn around quickly and be one of lots of health! Your poop story cracked me up! My oldest managed to finagle himself out of his overnight once and we woke up to a thoroughly covered baby, crib, and walls. EWWW!! Seems he thought it was finger paint. Ick!

    Hope you are all feeling better soon!
    Lots of hugs!
    Being Barlow

    1. finagle himself out of his *diaper*...proofread, Jessica, proofread! HAHA!

  6. You go girl!! And I know we could be good friends too. I love poop stories. hahahahah!

  7. Oh my gosh...your video made me want to take ski lessons all over again. (I haven't been skiing since college because I wasn't very good at it.) I hope 2014 is a wonderful, wonderful year for you all.


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