A Knight, His Queen, and a Little Dragon

...or maybe more accurately titled, What We Do When Bron is Gone All Week: A Halloween Preview Ten Months Early.

I'm such a cool mama.  Last night I got to be a queen with a paper bag crown. 

It was all Jed's idea, actually.  I can't take any credit.  After dinner, Jed asked to be a knight.  So I cut some holes in a paper bag while he gathered up his stick horse and foam sword.  Then he insisted that I be a queen.  That's easy!  So I made myself a quick haphazard crown and placed it atop my head.  Then Jed enthusiastically agreed that Levi should wear his old dragon costume.

And that was the beginning of a most adventurous hour.  We hopped over a treacherous hot lava lagoon, we hid in our magic teepee castle and ate a feast, we saw a few rainbows, and we found some treasure (chocolate chips) in a cave (the pantry).  Jed even gallantly fought off a giant bear for me!

It was so much fun that I had to document it.  (Yay for the self-timer!)

Though these two little balls of energy are sometimes exhausting, I love playing with them.  (Even if my mind occasionally does wander from boredom.  Honestly.)  After all, they won't be this little forever!  It's exciting watching their little imaginations develop.  I enjoy getting a small peak into their magical world and remembering what it was like to be a kid.  I feel privileged and very, very blessed to be their mama.  I wouldn't trade nights like this one for the world.



  1. You are such a fun mom! After dinner is done I'm usually done with playing and ready for bedtime. How in the world did you get such great photos from a timer? You actually have the boys looking at smiling at the camera! Amazing. I've been thinking recently that I need to try to get in some pictures with my girls. I may have to try out the timer and see if I can get anything blog worthy.

  2. This is the cutest thing ever. You're such an amazing and fun mom. I'm so glad there are still parents out there encouraging imaginations! :)

  3. How adorable. What a fun mom you are! :)

  4. You guys are just the cutest. Levi's smile is so adorable and contagious, and Jed's paper bag costume (with the grocery store logo in back) just made me chuckle. Fun adventures like this are just the BEST.


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