5 Quick Weekend Highlights

1.  My three studs all wore their matching cow ties {and cowboy boots} to church on Sunday.  I think I'm the luckiest girl alive to have these handsome boys in my life. 
(P.S. Bron's cousin made these ties as a Christmas gift.  I actually like them better than the boys' store bought ones!)
2. On Friday evening, the little boys and I played a lively game of hide-and-go-seek and read stories under the twinkle lights in the teepee.  It made me think how differently my Friday nights look now that I have kids!  But I don't think they pale in comparison to those old days one bit.  Jed and Levi's happiness and enthusiasm is simply contagious.  Sharing their happiness makes me happy.  Plus, if you heard Levi's version of what a bunny says--he sniffs loudly through his nose, his fat cheeks practically covering his eyes--I'm sure you'd want to read that little farm book over for the tenth time too.
3.  I got to do another newborn photo shoot for a friend and used some brand new colorful wraps.  It was a lot of fun and the baby was so tiny and precious.  I can't wait to edit the session!

4.  My new and totally random salt and pepper shakers I picked up at Target yesterday for $3.  Yes, they're hippos with hats.  They are utterly ridiculous, but they just spoke to me!  So I brought them home.  Bron thinks they're dumb.  I, on the other hand, absolutely LOVE them--though I think some of my love stems from the fact that Bron dislikes them so much.  Men just don't understand sometimes.

5.  DATE NIGHT!  Bron and I went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night and then hit up a movie.  We finally saw the Desolation of Smaug.  I think I gripped Bron's arm or hand through the entire show.  It was intense!  And we loved it.  Then we polished off the evening with some sweet frozen yogurt.  It was a picture perfect date night.  I hope that man knows he has my heart forever.  We've developed such a special bond in our marriage.

^^A little Jed humor outtake.  Just keepin' real here.^^
Bonus:  Bron and I snuck into Jed's room one night to see him sleeping with his Woody doll held tight to his chest.  What an endearing sight!  Also, Jed still insists we tell him "Merry Christmas" when tucking him into bed at night.  Haha  Crazy kid.
Hoping your weekend was just as good!


  1. I adore those ties and Levi's hair is the cutest thing ever!!

  2. I love the hippo salt and pepper shakers! So fun. I saw an owl ceramic cookie jar in a Target ad and told Kyle I really liked it. He thought I was crazy too. Sometimes boys just don't get it, do they?

  3. Those ties kill me! So presh!

  4. I love the random salt and pepper shakers too! Your photos are beautiful and I just checked out your photography website, it looks great! I need you around to do my family's pictures...maybe there would be less tears ;) Miss you!

  5. I love your teepee; it must be so much fun reading stories to the boys there. (It's kind of like a special clubhouse but cooler.) The ties are adorable, and I like your salt and pepper shakers too, especially because they were some random item that just spoke to your fun happy-go-lucky side.


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