An Afternoon with my Hubby and Cows that Eat Cereal

Yesterday, the little boys and I rode along with Bron in his truck as he went about his normal work day visiting different dairies around the area.  My husband knows me better than I know myself, I think.  Getting out of the house was exactly what I needed.  Between feeling sick and sluggish and cooped up in the house due to the cold, those January blues were setting in fast.

So we sped down country dirt roads slinging mud up onto the truck's windows and talked the afternoon away while our two little co-pilots acted happy just to be along for the ride--for the most part, anyway.

Did you know that some dairy cows are lucky enough to eat cereal?  For reals.  There was a giant pile of fruit loops and frosted mini-wheats sitting in a bay at one dairy!  Cows can eat just about anything.  According to a certain handsome dairy nutritionist, as long as a dairy cow is fed the appropriate proportions of simple and complex carbohydrates and protein, she'll produce milk.  Discarded cereal from the mill totally fits the bill for simple carbs.  Yum!  "Moooove over, Bessie.  That's my fruit loop!"

Anyway, we didn't pick off any fruit loops, but Bron did take me to a little restaurant I've heard so much about but have never been.  Stevo's is known for their delicious steak sandwiches, burgers, and the best french fries in the state.  Well, it certainly lived up to the hype.  I stuffed myself with enough calories to last till Sunday.  It was that good.  I now understand why Bron sometimes isn't very hungry when he comes home in the evening.

There's nothing quite like gaining a little perspective from my husband's point of view--for at least one afternoon--huh?  Thanks for a good day, Honey.

^^Frost on every branch.  What the views from my window looked like one morning last week.^^


  1. Haha, cows eat cereal? Now that is a funny little fact. I'm glad you were able to get out and clear your head. With scenery like that, it must be really enjoyable! Lovely photos!

  2. It is so nice to have a change of pace on these cold and dark days! What an amazing last picture. That frost is incredible.

  3. Dang! Should have known that about the cows! I could have just fed them cereal growing up :)

  4. Dang those winter blues. I hope you are all feeling better. Sickness never helps anything. Can it be summer yet? :)

  5. Wow, what gorgeous pictures! We've been getting the winter blues here too. I'm so glad you were able to have a fun family day out of the house. (Fruit Loops are my favorite too!)

  6. Wow I never knew that!! Sometimes a day out with the hubs is just what we need isn't it? I love the photos too. So pretty!

  7. What a fun day! I wish we could go to work with Cody for a day. Great pics.

    P.S. Yes you can copy my indoor/outdoor idea. My kids are still talking about it and want to do it again. Pretty sure it's going to be coming back but with some variations.

  8. Those pictures are SO gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!


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