Some Shout-Outs to Happiness These Days

I expected life to slow down during this cold gray drudgery known as January, but I was wrong.  So let me fill you in on all that's been going on around here and what's been making me happy these days.

^^This little face + personality makes me happy^^
:: No matter what time Bron and I head to bed, we lay there talking till after 1:00AM.  That is waaay too late for this mama, but I have to admit, I really like it.  In Bron's words, "I think it means we love each other a lot."  Over the past year or so, Bron and I have bonded in our marriage like never before.  It. Is. Awesome.  I love that man with all my heart.

::  It feels like Spring!  I'm mentally preparing myself for another cold snap, but these sunny days have prompted us to spend some time outside.  We even went to the park one afternoon.  There's nothing like a little vitamin D, even whilst wearing a winter coat.

::  I finally got my Idaho driver's license!  You know, two years after we moved here and two weeks before my New York one expires.  I'm so cool.  (Not.)

::  Levi thinks it's funny (and thinks he's super clever too) to take off his pants.  It's his new trick.  So now he wanders the house pants-less and I get to admire his short little legs all day.  They're so cute! 

Note: His new trick is also why he wears a onesie on a daily basis.  I'm afraid the taking-off-his-own-diaper trick is next, and that one isn't nearly as cute. 

^^Little kid squats, their bums just an inch above the ground.  I wish he'd never grow up.^^
::  I found my exercise groove!  I had been overthinking and overwhelming myself with all the hard resistance workouts I needed to do to lose the last five "baby" pounds for months now.  Turns out, a hard twenty minutes on the treadmill (I'm talking running at a 4% incline and sprinting) plus two or three sets of push-ups and sit-ups is enough to make me sore right now.  I can even switch it up and spend a half hour doing Jillian Michaels videos. 

As a busy mom, I have a new philosophy:
A little is better than nothing at all.

::  Jed is growing out of naps.  He takes one about every other day now.  At first I was a little bummed, but then I realized I could use the time while Levi naps as a sorta special time for just Jed and I to have fun together.  On Tuesday, Jed wanted to learn how to cut with his new scissors, so we busted out some colored construction paper and practiced making some hearts.  He did pretty good for his first try!

::  Reading books to Levi has taken on a whole new meaning in entertainment as he points with his chubby little finger and sounds out new words.  He's darling.

::  Bron rearranged his schedule so that I can participate in the Magic Valley Symphony--a little orchestra organized through our local college--on Tuesday nights again.  I was over-the-moon excited when we ran through the next concert's repertoire and I recognized some of my all-time favorite pieces from college, including the Shostakovich Symphony V Second Movement and Dvorak Symphony V Fourth Movement theme from The New World!  Ahhhh!  I'm such a nerd.  It's going to be a fun semester brushing up on all those 'ol violin skills.  Playing the violin is like riding a bike.  I may become a little rusty, but it always comes back.  Plus, making music just makes my heart happy.  Anyone want to come to our next concert? 
Also, a photo dump of snapshots of life lately.  Pictures of my two favorite little boys makes me happy too.
^^This kid is always eating^^
^^Watching cartoons with Woody.  Intense, yeah?^^


  1. Man, those kids are cute. Like SO ridiculously cute. And that construction paper heart... kill me!

  2. What precious boys! And I love all the snippets from life lately... Looks like it is treating you all well!! Hope you guys are having a great day!

  3. When Hailey dropped her nap I was sad too. But like you I figured out that I really don't mind it. I actually kind of like it. We have more flexibility in our day.

  4. Cullen only naps sometimes too and there are days when I dread his 'awakeness' since it is mt one break from bennett and the baby, but then I remember that o-so-soon he will be in school all day and these moments are special.

  5. Your boys are getting so big too!
    These photos are beautiful.
    I love their tent/teepee!

  6. I always love the pictures! I have The Cutest Grandsons! I would love to come to your concert--let me know.

  7. I used to play the violin.....then one of my sweet boys sat on it. :( It's got a lengthwise crack in the wood. Ah well. I love your photos and words!! The denim quilt and teepee are both soo cool and how sweet the love and conversation you and your husband get to share. Love all the happies. :)

  8. Your boys are so adorable. I'm so happy Jan. has been treating you well. It sounds like you've managed to discover "Bron time," "Jed time," and "orchestra time," along with "Levi time" of course. My husband and I used to stay up late talking but since I'm working full-time, my new bedtime is like 9. I'm hoping I'll have more energy in the spring/summer. I love your pictures!!

  9. Love those old man polar bear pj's on Levi! Emmett has those too and I'm obsessed! :)

  10. Levi's cheesy smile melts me every time. I don't want our kids to ever grow up! Or ever stop napping!

  11. Adorable! I can't wait to have cuties of my own!!! <3


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