Our Chaotic But Very Fun Nelson Family Christmas

^^All twelve Nelson grandchildren in their matching Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.
With seven children age 3 and under, I should post the outrageous outtakes of all the crying and running around.  This picture is just short of a Christmas miracle.^^
I called it.  We partied too hard with the entire Nelson family and now we're sickies.  The snotty, achy, feverish kind of sickies.  But was it worth it?  Absolutely.  Our Christmas was five days buried to our eyeballs in food, noise, new presents, laughter, more food, late night games, more noise, and lots and lots of little kid smiles.  

So let's dive right in!

After a simple family program which included the re-enactment of the first Christmas on Christmas Eve, the kids woke before the sun on Christmas morning full of excitement.  Santa brought Jed just what he ordered: a movie and cars plus many more goodies like foam swords and Lincoln logs.  And I have to hand it to Santa; he's brilliant.  The homemade teepee was a total hit!  (Note: This is just a tiny handful of pictures I took that day.)
^^Could there be a better combination than a cowboy with a sword and shield?^^
^^What Levi's face looked like all morning: his cheeks stuffed full of candy.^^
^^Even the adults wore matching jammies!  Also, "I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can..."
^^By far, Jed's favorite gift is his Woody doll.  He hardly leaves Jed's sight.  It's the most endearing thing.^^

I love how little children are so delighted with just one new toy, they don't care to open anymore!  Jed and Levi preferred to sit in the corner and play instead of opening the mound of presents from under the tree with the rest of the family.  Thanks for that little piece of Christmas magic, boys!

^^Bron's happy face.  He got a GoPro!  Skiing and mountain biking adventure videos coming at you soon.  (Yeah, I'm totally excited about it too.  I'd like to strap the camera to Levi's head and see what happens...)^^
All in all, Christmas in a house full to the brim with people (mostly little ones) went smoother than I expected.  Yes, we got on each others' nerves a bit.  And yes, it was an imperfect week; things went awry.  (Isn't that inevitable?)  But Momma Nelson is an exceptional host.  Really, she's the family center.  I know it meant the world to her to have everyone there to celebrate.
We spent the rest of the week skiing, bowling, swimming in the big swim/spa, and just hanging out around the dairy.  However, I think all the adults looked forward to the late evenings best after the kids went to bed.  We all played games till we couldn't see straight anymore!  Sleep?  What's that?  (No wonder we're sick now. Haha)
Thanks for a memorable Christmas!!!  I couldn't have married into a better family.  We sure felt the love this week.

^^The boys addicted to their new game, Powergrid.^^


  1. Wow, it looks like you had an AMAZING Christmas. Our families, on both sides, are so small...I think children remember the holidays more when they spend it with lots of family members. That homemade teepee looks magical. What fun!!!

  2. That teepee is pretty amazing! And I love Jed and Woody. How sweet! I can't believe that you actually got that many kids to sit still for a photo. I bet the outtakes are a hoot! My parents came out here for Christmas, and we managed to all pass the sickness crud around. I'm hoping everyone is on the mend before baby makes her debut!

  3. I LOVE Christmas morning photos! The bedhead and tired eyes, and the total joy and excitement on everyone's faces are just the perfect combination. Glad y'all had a fun Christmas!

  4. I love the teepee! I've dreamed of making something like that for my girls and just haven't done it yet. Looks like a fun Christmas!


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