Snapshots of Life Lately: December

Now that cold temperatures are settling in, we've been spending much more time inside the house.  Call me a wuss, but I don't like bundling the kids up to play outside when it's 20 degrees or less, especially when there's not much snow.  That's just cold.  And doesn't sound like much fun.  So Jed has had a lot of play dates with little friends.  However, I have chased the kids around the backyard on the afternoons the temperature peeks above 40 degrees.  It feels great to get a little fresh air. 
Here's a little peek at what has been going on inside the Nelson home so far this winter:
^^A family of penguins moved in!  They even took a nap in Jed's bed with him.  Jed has had a lot of fun with a variety of these festive sticker projects I nabbed from the dollar corner at Target.^^
^^Levi prefers to just taste the stickers^^
^^I couldn't leave out this look of full concentration!  Too cute.^^
^^Oh, Christmas Tree--the sparse skinny thing that came from the woods--we love you anyway because you're REAL and the adventure we had finding you was just downright awesome.  Also, nose on the wall discipline.  It was a rough morning.^^
^^Where did Levi go?  Peekaboo!^^
^^Old popcorn for breakfast.  It was Jed's idea.  And Levi is officially trouble; he can reach the water dispenser.  Thank goodness for locks.^^
^^Jed quietly reading in front of our tree we put up before our trip to the woods.  He loves books.  And I love that he loves them.^^
^^Playing under the fort that took over my living room for a few days.^^
^^More sticker projects and snuggling on the couch with games.^^
^^I remember playing with paper bags like this with my brother when we were little.  Just paying the fun forward.  Also, Jed playing with the nativity sets.^^
^^Jed helped me frost some sugar cookies.  It was hilarious!  And very messy.  It required an outfit change afterward.  But I love Jed's liberal use of sprinkles.  It makes a little spot inside me happy.^^
^^Early morning cuddles in bed with my boys.  Please ignore my third day post-bun hair, but this is the best way to start the day and I want to remember.^^
And let's not forget the most important detail of our lives right now, today is
Bron's 30th Birthday!!!
So please excuse me, I've got a cake to bake and a party to set up.
The man who makes my world turn deserves an extra special day.


  1. Happy birthday Bron! You're a great winter indoor entertainer! When you get sick of the cold you can always come visit! I miss those little boys of yours!

  2. What fun you guys have!! I'm glad Charli doesn't realize what the water dispenser is... I should try and keep it that way! Haha! Happy Birthday Bron! Hope you guys have a wonderful day! And I love the morning cuddles pictures! You are so beautiful!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  3. Happy Birthday To Bron!:) I wish You a Merry Christmas! Hugs from Hungary

  4. Wow, you guys sure know how to turn your house into a fun playscape. I love the living room fort, the paper bags, the cookies, the penguins, and of course, you're awesome "real" Christmas tree. You all sure look ready to celebrate!!


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