Peel the Potato

Raising two little boys is proving to be a rollercoaster kind of an adventure.  My boys have two speeds: ON at 100mph or OFF at sleeping.  (I just sometimes wish there was a little switch in their backs I could flip, you know, for fifteen minutes of peace.)  During these last few weeks, my days seem to be filled with equal parts frustration and failure as they whine, fight, push their limits, make HUGE messes, and repeat.  It's exhausting!  But the good news is that the good precious moments always outweigh the hard ones, especially if I remember to look for them... or sometimes even try to make them.

^^It's been super cold, so some of the outside toys have made their way inside the house.^^

After lunch yesterday, Jed waved his hands next to his ears and taunted me.  "Na, na, na, na, Mom.  Come and get me!" he teased.  So I left the dishes on the table and chased him around the couch.  Then Levi wanted to join the fun.  He put his chubby little hands up to his ears and chanted, "Na, na, na, na!"  I died right then and there.  It was too stinkin' cute!  So I chased both my boys around the couch, tackling and tickling them--because that's how boys like to play best.  Then when I was feeling out of breath, I pulled Jed to the floor and sat on his legs for a familiar tickling game that always results in copious amounts of laughter.

I announce, "I'm going to make mashed potatoes!"
First, I peel the potato.
Then I chop the potato. 
Then I mush the potato.
Finally, I EAT the potato!
It's loads of fun for both of us!  So when Jed began playing the game with his little brother, I couldn't help grabbing my phone and laughing along.  Enjoy a little snippet of Nelson cuteness!


  1. adorable! boys are so hard but can be so much fun at times

  2. Haha I love this. Boys have so much energy - and yours are so cute! My mom always says.. the days are long but the years are short! love that:) XOXO

  3. I so know what you're talking about... Lewie has the same type of energy! It's been tough on these winter days because I get tired so much quicker...especially when everything is dark by 4:30 p.m. I love your mashed potato game! It sure looks like Jed has mastered it!


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