Thanksgiving 2K13

Now that the Holiday Season is in full swing, there's a special feeling in the air; one of anticipation and excitement.  And let me tell you, I was definitely feeling it Wednesday night.  I was eager to see family, eat good food, and participate in the games and activities that have become tradition.

We spent Thanksgiving at Bron's folks' place.  It was a smaller gathering of family this year since a couple of Bron's brothers were visiting other family.  (I know!  Who wouldn't want to hang out with us, right?)  But the weekend turned out just right anyhow.  It was mostly quiet and relaxing.  Merri Sue put on a delicious Thanksgiving dinner spread.  We got to use the nice pretty dishes and the leftovers stretched on for days, including the pie and whipped cream.  We played games and talked the evenings away.  And of course, Momma Nelson and I shopped till we dropped on Black Friday before meeting the boys for a lively game at the bowling alley in the afternoon.  That's probably my favorite Thanksgiving tradition.  Levi was the cutest little ball stealer.  I couldn't begrudge sharing my lane with him.  And Jed actually schooled us all!  He won with a whopping score of 107.  No bumpers for that kid next time.  It's time to join the big kids.  (Just kidding.) 

I absolutely LOVE getting the majority of my Christmas shopping done at once while scoring on some great deals.  All the presents are wrapped and my anticipation is mounting.  I can't wait!  It's going to be a good Christmas. 

These last weeks of the year are hands-down the best.  As we count our blessings and give and serve one another, the whole world seems to sparkle--literally and figuratively.  Now all we need is a good snowstorm. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

^^Levi ate more raspberry pie than dinner.  Duh!  His hands were stained red.^^
^^Then Grandpa started something when he filled my boys' mouths full of whipped cream.  All weekend long, Levi would approach the refrigerator chanting, "Canee!  Canee!".  No one can resist that sweet voice or that adorable smile, especially me.  Lucky kid usually got three or four mouthfuls at a time.  I think we created an addict.  hehe  Thanks Grandpa!^^
^^Wrestling with Uncle Garret and a happy pants-less child.^^
^^It means a lot to Grandma Nelson to be able to spend quality time and bond a bit with her grandchildren.  Jed and Levi adore her.^^
^^Grandma's special smoothies for breakfast and a breathtaking country sunrise^^


  1. Beautiful photos, like always. :) And that cherry pie looks delicious!

  2. That pie!!! Oh em gee, I'm drooling! :)

    Lol, that whipped cream trick is hilarious! Such sweet, sweet boys you have, Jessie!

  3. Your Thanksgiving looks and sounds like it was perfect! Cutest little fam! And Levi's face covered in cherries? I died! Seriously, SO CUTE!
    Mia has been constipated (tmi, I know. but it's so sad!) the past couple of days and we were trying to figure out what she ate that would cause it (I forgot about Thanksgiving) and Eric finally remembered allllllll the whip cream he fed her on Thanksgiving. That's the only thing we can think of that she doesn't normally eat that could do this to her. Poor girl. Naughty daddy!

  4. I love that picture of Levi with the whipped cream. He is getting big, fast! Looks like a fun weekend!

  5. Levi and the pie...I can't handle it!

  6. It looks like you guys had an absolutely beautiful and perfect Thanksgiving!!

  7. Whipped cream, pie, family, shopping - can Thanksgiving get any better? Glad y'all had a great holiday!


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