The Nativity Story

"As we seek Christ, as we find Him, as we follow Him, we shall have the Christmas spirit, not for one fleeting day each year, but as a companion always." --Thomas S. Monson

A couple of weekends ago, I had the opportunity to participate in our little community's Nativity Festival.  I played my violin one night (It seems I only play my violin at Christmas-time anymore.) and acted as the "official photographer" the next night.  The church house was filled with hundreds of nativities on display from all over the world.  There was live music playing constantly and cookies and milk served in the back. 

However, my favorite part by far was the live nativity of mamas with their sweet little babies rotating through.  Coming from home where chaos seems to reign supreme these days (I don't want to count how many times Levi has purposely dumped the dog's water bowl.  All I know is that I'm out of dry towels!) these precious little babies brought a little perspective and peace.  I wonder how Mary must have felt that night, passing through that valley of the shadow of death to bring the Son of God into the world... in a lowly stinky stable.  The irony brings tears to my eyes if I think about it too much.

But that's the story of our Savior's birth.  And I want my boys to know Him.  I've been trying to think up ways--traditions--to remember Christ during this busy and exciting season, to teach my children that Christmas is really centered around Christ.  There's nothing wrong with sparkling ornaments and Santa and a pile of gifts under the tree, but I also just want to invite a little more of that special spirit into our home. 

So this year, I made sure to set a nativity out at Jed's eye level to play with.  We've acted out the story together several times.  And there's nothing sweeter than overhearing Jed say, "Knock ,knock.  No room here.  You stay in the barn."

He gets it.  And that's all I could ever hope for.   


  1. This is beautiful. And I agree on every level! I can't wait until Charli really starts to understand and I can really start more traditions like these. The advent calendar my mom got her this year is a nativity scene and we have done a countdown to christmas in bible verses, and she says 'jeeeesus' now! Melts my momma heart!! Hope you all enjoy this week of christmas!! :)

  2. I totally have chills now!! What a perfect way to reflect on Christ's birth! I can't wait to teach Mia about this next year when she will "get it" more! She loves baby Jesus, and she was totally enthralled at the Temple when we listened to the nativity story.... but obviously she won't remember this even if she does kind of get it now!

  3. I'm trying to do the same thing with my son... For him, it's all about Santa, but we go to church every Sunday, and I do my best to remind him that Christmas is about something much more wonderful than Santa...It's about the birth of our beloved savior Jesus Christ, who taught us how to have love, compassion, hope, forgiveness, and humility. I know my son's little mind is still having a tough time comprehending it all, but one day...

    I'm so glad you had an opportunity to play your violin and to participate in the Nativity Festival. I love the nativity displays from around the world, and of course, your pictures of "Mother and Child." Beautiful!


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