Holiday Partay

Saturday night, Bron and I hopped the border to Jackpot, Nevada for the annual J.D. Heiskell Christmas party.  It was our third Holiday party with Bron's company and probably the most fun yet.  Maybe it's because we sat in the overflow room where it was less crowded and noisy, but whatever the reason, the conversation was good and the food was even better!  I ate some appetizers, lightly picked over dinner, and then devoured a plate full of desserts.  Who needs salad when there's cheesecake and chocolate mousse?  Then we danced like it was 1999... until the DJ finally switched the music to this century and we danced even harder.  However, our favorite genre has got to be a little country swing.  Bron is a phenomenal country swing dancer.  He spins me around like a rag doll and I love it!  It was a lively fun night out with my hubby.  I love him so much.

Not to mention... we got to drive Bron's brand new company vehicle: A 2014 Chevy Silverado LTZ.  It's a NICE ride; incredibly quiet and smooth.  Merry Christmas to Bron!  Too bad it took less than 24 hours to make the floorboards smell like manure.  ;)

We are so fortunate that Bron has such a great job with this growing company.  Bron works long hours for our little family, and I am incredibly grateful for him. 

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  1. How fun that his company does that! One of the negatives of Alan being contracted out for work, we don't get to go to fun company parties like that.

  2. What a fun time!! Country swing dancing sounds like so much fun!! The last time I did anything like that was in gym class. Maybe I can get my husband interested... So glad you had such a lively holiday party!


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