The Heiskell Christmas Party


Saturday was the night of Bron's Holiday work party.  And boy, was it a PARTY!  We dropped Jed off with an overnight babysitter (Thank you sooo much Adam and Alesha!) and headed an hour south to Jackpot, Nevada.

We checked into our room at the hotel and began our evening with some delicious appetizers.  I was a little nervous to meet Bron's boss and co-workers for the first time, but there was no need for that because everyone was nice and friendly and the conversations just started to roll.  I think I ate more dessert than dinner--there were just so many decadent chocolate goodies to choose from!  Then once the dinner plates were cleared, the real party began. 

We all donned hats and boas and climbed into a photo booth for some goofy pictures.  The DJ kicked up the music and we danced the night away.  Bron and I have so much fun dancing together!  Plus, Bron is pretty talented at it.  I love that man. 

Then, when our ears began ringing, Bron and I went downstairs to the casino where his co-worker, Butch, taught us how to play the game of craps.  Butch even encouraged me to bet a few of his chips.  I was on a roll, doubling and tripling the chips, until it was my turn to roll the dice and I lost everything on the table--a whopping six bucks!  It was fun!  Luckily, Butch still walked out of there five dollars richer than when he began.  It makes me feel less guilt.

It was a very fun, even much-needed, night out together (because truthfully, a girl can go stir-crazy all week at home.  And as much as I love my little boy, it's nice to have a little break; it makes me miss him.) Even more selfishly, it felt amazing to sleep in and enjoy a slow morning with my husband.

Thanks for a great weekend, Mr. Handsome!  I love going out with you.  We are so incredibly blessed to have found this job.  I am happy you work with so many great "real" people and that the company is growing and treats its employees so well.  Thank you for working so hard for us!  This new reality of ours sometimes seems surreal.


  1. Your pictures made me smile, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like such a great party!

  3. Whistle, whistle. Bron looks very... pretty? (Don't tell him I said that) It sounds like a fun night.

  4. yay for awesome getaways!

    and hey dear! just want to say thanks for all your sweet support and kind words on our blog. you have no idea how much it means. wish we could hang out in real life sometime. . .



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