It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Christmas tree and lights {check}
Snowman full of chocolate candy {check}
Christmas music playing perpetually {check}
Presents wrapped (with big curly bows!) and waiting under the tree {check}
Snow {check}

Hot chocolate with marshmallows {check}
Cuddling under blankets {check}
Cards in the mail from friends and family {check}
Homemade cookies {check}

Jed loves to help me bake.  He insisted on wearing an apron (just like Mom) and couldn't wait to get his hands and mouth on the dough.  That's my boy!

Excitement for Christmas bubbling over! {check}


  1. Love those pictures of Jed. We just got our tree up, and I can't wait to start using it as a backdrop for pictures! I love Christmas!

  2. When I saw those pictures of Jed, I was like, yep he's Jesse's son! Haha

  3. these are all so adorable! just love christmas. now, if only it would snow here!
    xo TJ


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