Six December Happenings

Look at those lashes!  Grown women would die for those!
  1. My baby boy is sick today.  I hate how babies startle and spasm when they have a fever.  Poor kid.  We've spent most of the day on the couch reading stories, watching videos, and napping.  I love holding my baby close.  I love staring at his sleeping face.  Jed has the looongest lashes.
  2. Earlier this week Bron got up with Jed.  He changed him, dressed him, and brought Jed to see me in bed with his favorite book.  It felt so good to snuggle with my little boy, propped up against the pillows first thing in the morning.  It made my whole day!
  3. A couple Saturdays ago, Bron and I went to work pruning and clearing out the yard--the entire acre of it.  It took ALL day!  When we came in that evening, I was feeling chilled.  I drew myself a big bubble bath and prepared to soak when Jed wanted to join me; I let him.  Soon the timer on the pizza in the kitchen went off.  Before I knew it, Bron came into the bathroom with the pizza on a cutting board and glasses of root beer.  Yes, Jed and I ate pizza while soaking in a bubble bath!  It was awesome!  And I'll admit, a little weird.  I hope we're not the only family around that does sporadic things.  At least dinner was an easy clean up on Jed!
  4. Our new home runs on propane: the water heater, the stove (I cook with fire!), and most importantly, the heat.  Well, we're brand new home owners and had no idea how long our tank of propane would last.  Bron checked it one cold night and came in with some bad news: we were at 10%.  The propane truck wouldn't be coming around for another three days!  So we turned the heat down, bundled up, and waited.  I've never been so grateful for heat!  The propane truck will be making a regular stop at our house from now on!
  5.  Have I ever mentioned that the fan in our red impala only works about half the time?  There's AC and there's heat, but the fan only works when it feels like it.  Then, a week or so ago, the headlights went out in the car too.  We haven't quite figured out why.  So I now have a car that I can only drive between the hours of 8AM and 4PM.  Oh well.  It's not that big a deal to a woman who only leaves home occasionally to go to the grocery store or the post office.  Maybe we can get a Christmas miracle for that?  Ha!
  6. It just worked out that this month, the month of December, we're making two mortgage payments plus a rental payment on the apartment we moved out of (we signed a six month lease).  Merry Christmas to us!  I got a house!  It was going to be tight.  Neither Bron or I were too worried though.  If we could live in New York on a shoe string budget, then we could get through the next month or so.  Then, to our surprise, Bron got a raise!  (That's my incredible hard working husband!)  And as a Holiday gift, the company also pays for taxes and other expenses like health insurance that are taken out of his paycheck this month.  Whoa.  What sweet surprises (blessings)!
 Snuggling with my sleeping boy.


  1. I hate when little babies are sick too :/ But what a sweet blessing for your husband to get a raise! Hooray!

  2. All those payments, and in December too! Yikes! Hooray for bonuses! I love your fun little family! Merry Christmas!

  3. I think the bubble bath/pizza night sounds soo nice. Those sporadic things are usually the most fun!


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