Let the Countdown Begin

30 weeks down and 10 to go!

I have just 10 weeks left of pregnancy before I meet this baby boy!

I've pretty much resigned myself to being pregnant forever though.  Ten weeks is still a long time.  This belly is beginning to feel like it's a permanent attachment.

Then I realized that it is June!  Summer is finally here.  Maybe these sunny days spent playing at the park and wading in the lake and enjoying family reunions will fly by fast and before I know it, it'll be August.  Blessed August!

I'm excited and nervous for all the changes that August represents for me.

I've been having some very vivid dreams lately.  When I was in labor with Jed I told the nurse I had a "nightmare" that the baby weighed 9lbs 4oz.  She reassured me that my baby wouldn't be that big.  Then lo and behold, a few hours later, Jed debuted at exactly 9 pounds and 4 ounces!  We were both a little shocked.

So maybe my dreams can come true?

I hope so.  I think I saw my baby boy's smooth fat cheeks and beautiful toothless smile; that baby melted my heart.  I'm still waiting to have a dream that tells me how much this baby boy will weigh though.  I'm terrified of delivering a ten pounder.  I suppose it doesn't really matter.  I just pray every day that this baby will be born healthy.      

So let the countdown begin!  I'm anxious to meet my boy!


  1. Look how cute you are!! And I'm sure those 10 weeks are going to fly by and he'll be here before you know it. 9lbs 4oz?? WOW! You are one tough momma!

  2. I remember when you were pregnant with Jed and you wanted him to arrive. We even went to Canada for breakfast in the hopes that crossing the border would start your labor! I can't wait to see pictures of this little man!!!


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