Side Effects of Pregnancy

Frequent bathroom breaks.  I don't want to know how much toilet paper I go through.

Coughing, sneezing, or laughing too hard resulting in an "Oh, Bummer!"... (then refer to above statement)

Using my belly as a table for my bowl of ice cream while watching t.v.

Good face days.  Yes, I've got that pregnancy glow!

Sleeeep!  I can get 8 hours of peaceful slumber and sometimes still be pooped by 10:30AM

Stretch marks.  I got one measly stretch mark on my hip with Jed.  This kid had better be a saint because there seem to be quite a few showing up this time around.  Boo.

Sitting.  Lots of sitting.  It hurts to walk or stand for too long.  So I sit.  A lot.  On the couch.  In the grass.  On the swing.  In the sandbox.  You name it, I can make a spot for my bum.

Grunting must always accompany picking anything up off the ground, especially myself... (refer to above statement) 

 Long hair.  Loving it.

 Heat = swollen limbs.  See you in a few months, shiny diamond ring!

Clothing is awkward and fits funny.  I'm awkward and funny.  I get looks and comments everywhere I go.

An intense urge to clean and organize my entire house from top to bottom.

Hunger.  I'm always hungry.  And almost everything always sounds good.  I love food.

 Looking like I'm hiding a basketball under my shirt.  Please don't try to bounce me.

A turkey timer (aka belly button) whose timing is wrong.  It sticks out through my clothes even though I still have a few weeks until D-day.  

Frequent comments about how well I wear pregnancy.  I don't know if they're true or not, but thank you for trying to make a whale of a woman feel pretty!

Watching my stomach roll.  I love feeling all the kicks and jabs from this tiny baby growing inside me.  What a miracle!

The anticipation of a new family member!  A precious baby boy.  There's so much to look forward to!


  1. Jessie you ARE a gorgeous preggo! I'm jealous that I didn't wear it as well as you ;) I'm so excited for the little man to get here!! Jed will be a great big bro! ;)

  2. I think you look amazing!! And I'm serious!!

  3. You really are the cutest pregnant woman ever! It was so fun hanging out this week!

  4. Yep, you hit that nail on the head. Although I wouldn't exactly call them side effects. It's more like nine months of full fledged misery. (Okay, perhaps that's a bit dramatic but after nine months it can seem that way).

  5. I love this post Jessie!! Haha now you have a precious babe because of all you went through :)


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