My Crazy Play Dough Eating Son

This picture says so much about the cute and crazy little boy I take care of everyday.  The words "cute" and "crazy" are no exaggeration either.  This two year old can make me frustrated one minute and laugh out loud the next.  I love him to pieces! 

Yesterday we made play dough.  We squished it and rolled it and made a mess on the kitchen table.  All the while Jed tried sneaking in bites of play dough.  I think he did it just for my reaction because he laughed every time I exclaimed, "GROSS!"  Oh well.  It's edible; it's just loaded with a disgusting amount of salt. 


  1. its so hard to believe this is the little guy i knew. he looks so big! what play dough recipe did you use?

  2. That picture is so cute. We love play dough.


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