Our Weekend Adventures


We had a busy, hot and sunny, perfect summer weekend!  The highlights:

::  We made friends with a little frog living in our backyard.
::  Took a break with some refreshing homemade limemade (a Tucano's copycat recipe)
::  Yard work.  The back courtyard no longer looks like a construction zone!  Bron and I laid down weed barrier, placed the flag stones just so, and filled it in with three inches of rock.  Beautiful!
::  Hung out with our friends who will be moving soon.  We will miss you Stucki's!  
::  Fed the fishes at the fish farm.  Jed test tasted a piece of bread or two himself.
::  Ate a picnic dinner complete with fruit and oreos in a park under some shady trees.
::  Gawked at a huge alligator on a farm.  Yes, there are ALLIGATORS on an aquatic fish farm IN IDAHO.  Even though he laid perfectly still, no one dared get too close to the fence!  Two year olds probably look like an appetizing meal.
::  Saw the infamous Balanced Rock! 
::  At seven months pregnant I hiked to the top to see the rock up close and personal.  Yeah, I'm that cool.
::  Made some fun memories!

P.S.  This summer sunlight is going to kill me!  Jed refuses to go to sleep until well after 9PM and is up with the sun at 6AM.  Then because he didn't sleep enough at night, he's cranky and whiny and needs to take an excessively long nap.  So we're experimenting with blankets to black-out his room.  Hopefully Jed stays asleep longer.  Otherwise, sayonara evening movies and relaxation!  I'm going to bed when Jed goes to bed.  A pregnant lady needs her sleep.  Keep your fingers crossed the blankets work!

P.P.S.  The blankets work!  Jed is getting a full night's sleep again.  Hallelujah!


  1. We have blackout curtains on our boys window.. they would have the same sleep schedule as Jed if we didn't!

  2. Fingers crossed! When I saw that picture of the alligator I was like, HOLY CRAP and almost peed myself hahahaha those things creep me out like beyond since you can't see them til you're like right on them! *shudder* And can I just say that you are the ctutest little pregnant lady ever?! So jealous!

  3. We also do blackout blankets and it helps. The alligator is TERRIFYING. are a great gal. Wish we lived closer so we could hang out!

  4. That rock formation is amazing! And alligators in IDAHO? WHAT?!

  5. You guys have been busy. I was not expecting to see an alligator! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks! Good luck with the sleeping!


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