This weekend my New York life collided with my Idaho life.  When we moved from upstate New York a little less than a year ago, I never expected to see anyone or anything associated with our temporary home there ever again.  I was wrong, but so pleasantly surprised!

On Friday, I ventured up to Rexburg (BYU-Idaho is my Alma Mater) to meet Corinne.  It was a bit strange to see Corinne out West here, but so much fun!  We went out to lunch, went shopping, and got caught up on just about everything.

Corinne is a beautiful girl inside and out.  She's marrying this cute young man next week.

First, however, she needed an escort for her first time through the temple.  She asked me to be that person.  I felt honored and overwhelmed.  Why in the world, of all the people in her life, would she ask me?

"Because you're here," Corinne said.  She also went on to tell me how Bron and I had been an example to her and how we young women leaders pounded into her head the importance of the temple.  I didn't think anyone was really listening to those Sunday School lessons!  But Corinne listened.  And I am so proud of her.  She is making smart and good decisions that will affect the rest of her life.  I couldn't be more happy.

However, these good decisions haven't come without a price.  Listening to her stories, considering her broken family background and what she's had to overcome to get this far, is astounding.  Corinne is independent and strong. She's blissfully in love and ready to take on life's next challenges while still loving everyone around her.  I may have been her youth leader, but she's an example to ME!

Our morning in the temple was a special one.  I think I'll always remember it.  Corinne glowed.

And then, of course, I begged for ten minutes of the love birds' time to take a few pictures outside.  I am overjoyed for them.  Congratulations Corinne!  I love you, girl.

 To see more pictures, click HERE.


  1. That is such a cool experience!! And she's gorgeous! I love this! ;)

  2. how wonderful jess!

  3. Darling darling darling blog!!! We are expecting a little boy in september! ah that's so exciting! Your family is so cute!


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