What 8:47 PM Looked Like Last Night

Last night Jed was all ready for bed: he had on a fresh diaper, had brushed his teeth, and was wearing his new pajamas.  Then as I was filling his nightly sippy with water, Jed escaped from the house.  (He always escapes.)  I followed him outside and this is how I found him.  I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.  He was just too cute playing outside with his car.

Bedtime seems to be exactly the time when Jed turns on the playful and cute.  He is wired and wild and entertaining.  His antics tend to buy him an extra half hour.  But we don't mind too much.  Summer sunshine makes evenings feel perfect for playing... even if I am tired!


  1. Bedtime pretty much flew out the window at our house too. It's so hard to convince them it's night-time when the sun is still up and it's still so warm outside!

  2. Yep, Arai hasn't been in bed before 9pm in a few weeks. At least he sleeps in a bit longer.


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