An AM Conversation

 Spring has been bordering on Summer.  We're loving it!

This morning Jed and I had a "conversation" that made me laugh.  Jed wandered into my room bright eyed and happy around 8:00AM.  (Yes, I'm a lazy pregnant mother.  I rarely get up before Jed does.)  Jed climbed onto the bed and when he didn't see Bron, he asked something in gibberish.

"Where is Daddy?"  I interpreted.
"Yeah," Jed said and nodded his head.
"Daddy's in the TV room working on his computer."
Pause.  "Bye! Bye!"
And Jed was off in a flash to find his dad.

Bron is obviously the cool person around here.  I don't mind.  I think he's pretty awesome too.

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