Orange County: Part 1

We love to travel and explore and make fun memories in new places.  However, it's especially meaningful to travel to see family and make fun memories!

At just two years old, Jed is a traveling maniac.  He's been all over the Northeast (Quebec, PA, & D.C.) and a good part of the great West as well (San Diego, AZ, & Zion's).  I've completely lost count of how many planes Jed has ridden on.  I'm grateful our trip from Salt Lake City to Long Beach was only two hours though; this was the roughest vacation we've been on with Jed.  The problem wasn't really with Jed himself; it's the age.  Two year-olds are exhausting!  It was so much easier to travel when he was a baby and couldn't run or express much of an opinion.  

Anyhow, after a sleepless night at a hotel in Salt Lake City (Jed decided to come play with us from 2 to 4AM), we arrived Friday morning with much excitement in Long Beach, CA.  We'd been looking forward to this trip for months!  My dad and sister were there to greet us along with my nephew, Carter, and little stepsister, Mia.

Friday May 4:

First order of adventure: The Aquarium of the Pacific.

It's a relatively small aquarium, but there seemed to be a thousand different fish and little exhibits.  The best part?  It was very hands-on!  We got to stick our hands (excuse me, two fingers) in the water to touch jelly fish, sharks, and sting rays.  So much fun!  I loved seeing the look of awe and confusion on Jed's face as he saw sea creatures for the first time.  Jed's favorite attraction were the seals and sea lions.

Playing in the water.  

The aquarium can't be mentioned without our little excursion through the bird exhibit!  My dad and this little bird became fast buddies.

The best part of our first day there happened around midnight when my brother, Joe, showed up!  My brother is stationed with the Navy in Italy.  He hadn't set foot on American soil for nearly three years, which means we hadn't seen him for that long either.  It was the best surprise!!!  Our stepmom, Liz, had been planning Joe's trip in secret for months.  And it was so worth it!  It's getting harder to get us three siblings together with my dad, so seeing Joe was the icing on the cake this trip.  It meant a lot to everyone.  

My handsome bro, Joe.

Joey has become very passionate about politics and economics.  We spent many hours talking and debating.  Sometimes it was hard to get a word in edgewise!  But still, it was good times.

Saturday May 5:

Cinco de Mayo just happens to be Bron and my anniversary.  Partay day!  We just celebrated five years of marriage together!

May fifth was also the day that my dad and his wife Liz decided to exchange vows.  The two eloped a little over a year ago last March.  It was time to publicly express that love and throw a little party!  I'm really happy my dad is happy and that he has Liz to grow old with.  It's so obvious how much she adores my dad.  Her love for the people she loves knows no bounds.  Plus, she has this crazy, fun, outgoing personality that makes her easy to like.   

Mr. and Mrs. Wade

Sunday May 6:

The day of the OC Half Marathon.

While I slept in to take care of the babies (remember I'm six months prego), the rest of the family was up before the crack of dawn to run the OC Half Marathon.  What can I say other than I am impressed?  My dad ran it despite some health setbacks and earned his Beach Cities medal.  Liz is a die hard runner who started it all.  Bron made his goal time of 2 hours and 14 minutes.  My sister Lauren proved to herself that she pretty much rocks.  And my brother Joe beat the socks off of everyone--without training a day--with a time of 1 hour and 53 minutes.

I'm a little jealous everyone got to run but me!  I miss running so very much.  My time will come though. 

My dad with his grandsons, Jed and Carter.
It is believed that Jed has my eyes which are his grandpa's eyes.

Stay tuned for more pictures and adventures...


  1. I always thought Jed looked more like Bron but he looks so much like your dad! Your pictures are amazing btw. Also, you could have ran, there was a lady who did the Chicago marathon last year 9 months pregnant.

  2. SO Fun! I can't believe how grown up Joey looks! Like a real man! Jed definitely does look like your dad. Also I love how Carter looks like the cutest man baby ever:)

  3. How fun that you got to see your brother!! What a great surprise!

  4. Wow!!! Joey is a grown up version of his 5 year old self... lots of fun times shared with the Wade kids! :)

  5. Jed is a little mini Lance. I think you look most like your dad, and yes, he has the Wade eyes. I loved having you here and getting to know you better. It was a wonderful week, and all of you being here really made him happy. We need to do it again, and perhaps, we will plan it around a half marathon again. I'm thinking June 2012-San Diego-on the boat. I miss you all. Thanks for taking so many great photos Jess!


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