Arizona or Bust

Have I ever mentioned how my life rocks and that I am spoiled? Well, to illustrate that point, I got to fly to Arizona—with Jed in tow—to see my sister sealed for time and all eternity in the Gila Valley LDS Temple to her husband, Don! It was an awesome weekend! I was only gone five days, but it feels like I’ve been gone a lot longer.

Compared with New York, arriving in Arizona was like arriving on another planet! It is so barren and desolate, but beautiful in its own colors. I flew into Phoenix Thursday evening where my cousins, Necia and Rachel, picked me up. We had a nice three hour drive to Pima in which to talk and catch up. It was great! I love my cousins. They’re much like sisters to me.

It's may be a desert, but it's its own kind of pretty!

Jed and I stayed at my sister’s apartment. Lauren and Don went out of their way to make us feel comfortable; Jed had a crib to sleep in and a high chair to eat in. Wonderful! We had all of Friday to play and catch up—just my sister and me. We went shopping, swimming, ate delicious banana milkshakes, hung out with Rachel, and watched movies after Jed went to bed. It’s crazy; even though we live thousands of miles apart and only see each other every once in a while, we sound exactly alike! We said the same things, at the exact same time, in the exact same way! Crazy! It made us laugh. I love my sister so much! I really cherish our relationship—it’s very special to me.

We must've been a sight at the pool!  My sister was nine months pregnant and I was pasty white!

My cousin, Rachel, with her two boys
It took a while, but Jed eventually liked the water!

Lauren made me laugh because every time she got herself a popsicle, she always grabbed two.  When you're a pregnant lady in Arizona, you always need two; might as well save a trip to the freezer!  haha

The prego ladies: Lauren 38 weeks, Rachel 29 weeks
Jed took off walking this week.  His new found (lack of) balance scares me sometimes! 

Then Saturday morning, friends and family all gathered in the Gila Valley Temple to see Lauren and Don sealed, or in other words, have the opportunity to be together forever! It was a powerful feeling to see so many people I love in the temple; I think it was a glimpse into the eternities. Our family is quite dysfunctional from time to time, but there in the temple, I felt nothing but love. I am sooo happy for my sister and her husband and their baby-to-be!

The rest of the weekend was spent eating and swimming. After church on Sunday afternoon, the entire family gathered again at Rachel’s house for dinner and heavenly trifles for dessert! Jed played outside with my little brothers all evening while the rest of us talked and ate and laughed.

I love my family. Thank you all for a wonderful weekend!!!

Jed with his 2nd cousin, Grady
Apparently, driving the jeep is serious business!

When the jeep runs out of battery, get out and push!
My uncle Jeff with his grandson, Traejan

We will forever be "the cousins"!
Me, my sister Lauren, and cousins Rachel and Necia

Prego ladies MUST. EAT. DESSERT! 
Okay, so I went back for seconds too.  The trifles really were that good.

Jed at play outside.
13 months old

A Peak at the Real Family Deal:

My mom and family took us to the airport on their way out Monday morning. Picture this: Eight people in a Sequoia. My stepdad up front is sick with the flu and driving. I’m sitting in the middle seat between my grandparents. My grandpa doesn’t have his hearing aid in and can’t hear a thing. He also suffers from mild dementia, so he starts rambling on about random things. My grandma is on the other side of me singing her heart out, trying to keep everyone entertained. My brothers are in the back seat singing their own gory version of what happened to Santa Clause when he went crazy. And Jed threw up all over himself. Needless to say, it was an eventful morning, and it all happened before 9:00AM.  Reflecting back on it, I can't help laughing.

Also, one word to sum up flying with a one year old: Ugh. It’s exhausting trying to entertain someone so busy in such a tiny area ALL DAY LONG. Luckily, Jed is a happy little boy and a great traveler. He fell asleep gnawing on pretzels more than once. Jed also made friends with everyone we met. And even strangers are nice to a lone young woman traveling with a baby. The gentleman making runs for the airport shuttle dropped me off right in front of our car and waited for me to reassemble Jed’s car seat before leaving me alone in the dark parking lot. Just another one of those tender mercies, I guess.

Jed and I were ready for a lot of this when we finally got home!
I love my sleeping child.


  1. What a week! Where do I start? First you and your sister look so much alike! And she is the definition of a beautiful glowing pregnant lady! How wonderful that you were able to fly out and spend that special day with them.
    And I just laughed when I read about your trip to the airport.. I think everyone has crazy dysfunctional families but thats what makes life interesting right?
    And.. I know how difficult it is to fly with a 1yr old. Last May I flew out to NY with Travis when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Tyler. Its great how nice people are when you are traveling alone with a Toddler (most people anyways!). I had 2 people making the same connection to Syracuse that I was making and we had gotten into Chicago late and one of them had run ahead to tell them I was coming so we would make it and the other helped me drag Travis and his carseat through the airport. Its amazing with how crazy the world is today that there are still nice people out there.
    And finally.. I love the pictures of the desert! Growing up in NY and now living in NM I have really come to appreciate the beauty in different places.
    Glad you had a wonderful trip!

  2. Yay! It was a wonderful weekend. I'm embarrassed by my fat pictures, but I won't be like this for too much longer! I still get a kick out of that picture of Jed pushing the jeep, he's such a manly man. I love you! Thanks for coming and visiting me!

  3. I am soooooo glad that you came! It was really fun to have you in our little part of the country! Jed is so cute! I'm sure my kids will remember him in July. I've shown Grady some of the pictures and he points at Jed and says "Jed!" and "drive jeep!". I'm sorry about your yucky trip home. The pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thanks again for coming, I know it meant a lot to everyone. I think of you like a sister too!

  4. Tell your sister congrats! What an awesome day! You two look so much a like, almost like twins! P.S. I loved your trip to the airport, hilarious!!


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