Let's Hear it for Dad!

My dad with little me and my brother, Joey

I know my dad beats himself up with regrets and about his shortcomings—like being horrible at remembering birthdays—but I couldn’t love him more! Much of who I am today is because of this man.

My dad calls me Jessie Baby. I think he would still hold my hand if I would let him. When I was little, I thought every man in camouflage uniform was my dad.  Nothing held a candle to my dad!  He did many things that dads are supposed to do, like teaching me how to throw a baseball so I never had to embarrass myself at recess in elementary school. He also taught me how to ride a bike. One of my favorite childhood memories are of our family bike rides every Sunday afternoon around Pearl Harbor. We stopped to chat with the fishermen on the pier, stick our fingers in sea urchins, and play at the park.

We’ve had a lot of adventures like that together because, well, that’s just who my dad is: outgoing and adventurous. He has many hobbies and interests that keep him interesting. I’ve been to countless places across the United States because of him. I don’t know how many old military forts I’ve visited or how many air shows I’ve seen, but most of them were pretty cool. I remember when he was learning to sail; he took my brother and me out with him in these tiny eight foot sailboats and we almost always tipped and went swimming in the ocean! My dad loves old cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and boats. He built a plane once or twice. And that time he tried to cruise “the berg” (his 98 foot yacht) from Victoria, Canada down the west coast will go down in history! He is pretty much the epitome of a man’s man.  But as I've grown up, I've come to realize that he is much more than that.  He is a sensitive and caring man too!  I know he loves me very much.

My dad has taught me what it means to work and to take responsibility for my own actions. He has taught me how to listen and communicate by example. I appreciate that we can have open, honest conversations about anything—nothing is taboo! It has helped me grow and be confident that my opinions are valid too. On top of all that, my dad has shown and continutes to show me how to live my dreams; how to dream a dream and just go for it! Life isn’t perfect. And it isn’t the destination that counts; it’s the adventure in the journey.

So thanks, Dad, for a wonderful childhood and memories that will live on forever. I love you and am so grateful to have you for a dad!

Jed and his Daddy

And it wouldn’t be Father’s Day if I didn’t honor the father who lives under my same roof. There is so much I could say about how awesome a daddy Bron is to Jed; about how hard he works, about how his instincts are often right on, about how well he takes care of Jed in the evenings when I’m working, and about how fun it is to have someone to share the joys of being a parent with, but I just can’t seem to find the right words.

Bron truly enjoys being a parent. He is so good at it that he sometimes makes me a little jealous. Jed loves his dad tremendously because when Bron comes home, he gets on the floor and plays! Jed laughs and chases and wrestles him. I can only see these moments getting better and better! Bron helps make us a complete happy family, and that’s what matters most.

I love you, my handsome man!

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  1. Yeah for great dads! I love all those old pictures of you with your dad!


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