Camp Overlook

Saturday I got to attend the MOST AWESOME YOUTH ACTIVITY EVER!!!  Youth from all over the LDS Potsdam District sacrificed some sleep to to come to a Super Saturday held at Camp Overlook that lasted all day long.  It was totally worth it!  It was so much fun!  At times, I even forgot I was a leader and felt like a kid again.  (P.S.  This is why I love being a youth leader: I get all the privileges of being an adult but still get to hang out with the cool people.)

The morning began by meeting our three camp instructors and doing some team building games, including this classic trust game seen below.

Learning to "spot".  Oooh, please catch me!

Next, the youth got to take on the low-ropes course.  They had to work together to get everyone through it without any falls.  Well, they had a few falls, but they stayed positive and did it!  I enjoyed just watching them.

Some snapshots from the low-ropes course

Yup.  My little man got to come along and hang out outside all day long too.

I love how when Jed squats his little tush is only an inch from the ground!
Jed also has a thing for potato chips.

My Seniors: BFFs Karin and Samme

After lunch, our camp instructors busted out the harnesses and then came the REAL FUN!  One by one, we each took turns embarking on the high-ropes courses waaay up in the trees!

Karin and Carissa showing us how to wear those cute red helmets.
I didn't know Karin was so hard core.  She says she "lives on the edge".  Haha

The adrenaline junkie, Samme

On one course (seen above), we had to scale a tree and cross a wire from one tree to another using another wire--or harder--ropes hanging from above, for balance.  I, personally, conquered the ropes! 

Photographic proof that I was there and did it too!

Do I look nervous?  I was a little.  But the jump was exhilarating!

The other challenge was to climb this wobbly pole (or tree) to a platform and jump off.  Totally against all laws of nature.  Awesome!

Flyers!!!  We rock!

Last, but not least, we all had the opportunity to rocket down a zip line from 65 feet up in the air.  What a rush!

The Youth

It was an awesome day!  The youth are still talking about it.  Some of them even want to become camp counselors themselves one day.  But better yet, Saturday's activity helped accomplish exactly what we wanted: to build a little more unity among the district's youth.  We all learned a new name or two and we all cheered each other on during each challenge.  There was a spirit of encouragement and comradery.

And it doesn't hurt to feel on top of the world after you have stepped outside your comfort zone and accomplished something hard.  What an adrenaline rush! 


  1. So fun! That really makes me want to be back in YW again!

  2. Ditto what Rachel said! We did awesome activities. Your pictures are great, Jess. They only look better and better

  3. How fun! and way to go you adrenaline junkie you!


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