The Graduate

The New Master of Dairy Nutrition

Bron did it! He defended his thesis and PASSED! Aside from a few details, Bron is officially done with his Masters Degree! Wahoo!!!

Yesterday, as I sat there watching Bron present, I felt overwhelmingly proud of my man. This entire two year journey has been a labor of work, sweat, and even a few frustrated tears. But I think the rewards are going to be totally worth his efforts. Bron is so smart! He has an awesome job lined up. This degree has opened up so many new opportunities for him. It feels like the world is at his feet.

Bron was grilled by his advisors for a couple more hours after his presentation. When Bron walked through the door of the overpriced restaurant on Church Street, I immediately knew he had passed. I could see it in his face and body, a weight had literally been lifted. The food tasted delicious!

So last night, instead of working till the wee hours of the morning, Bron relaxed in front of the television and talked with an old friend on the phone. I think we’re all going to enjoy a little less stress in his life.

Bron, I am so incredibly proud of the man, husband, and father you are! You are more than I ever dreamed of marrying. Your potential is limitless; I can see it. I love you!

P.S. I left Jed with a pair of babysitters yesterday. It was the first time I’d left him all afternoon. It was liberating, but I missed my little man! By the way, my babysitters were awesome. I came home to a sleeping baby and a clean house!


  1. Congrats! Now you guys can move on with the next chapter of your life.. no more student living! How much longer till you guys move to Idaho?

  2. Congrats again! Life without the stress of school is wonderful! I love that pic of Bron. You should frame it next to his diploma. :)


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