Happy Mother's Day

This morning, Bron and I cuddled in bed while Jed happily played.  Suddenly, we heard the toilet lid slam shut followed by a loud flush.  I started to laugh; so much for a peaceful morning!  The next thing I knew Jed was climbing into bed with me icy cold and sopping wet.

If that's not what being a mother is all about, I don't know what is!

Being a mother is the greatest gift of my life.  Motherhood isn't all roses, but I've never experienced so much love and so much joy.  There is no sweeter sound than to hear my little boy say, "Mama" or watch him blow me a tender kiss as I put him to sleep each night.  I live and breathe for my child.  I feel privileged and blessed to be Jed's mother... and soon to be the mother of another baby boy.  What a beautiful life I have. 

For Mother's Day this year, Bron spoiled me by taking me to a nursery and letting me go hog wild.  He chased and tamed the little man while I filled a giant green wagon full of little plants: flowers, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and parsley, and strawberries.  To top it off, Bron bought me three rose bushes!  They're drop dead beautiful.

We came home and planted it all.  I now have pots overflowing with colorful flowers, a small garden ready for salsa making, future sweet strawberries galore, and a courtyard now complete with three amazing rose bushes.  All these beautiful growing things make me so happy!  (Now cross your fingers to keep a freak freeze away and to keep me from drowning it all with too much water.)

Saturday night, Bron took me on a much needed date.  It's so nice to have Bron all to myself for a few hours away from the house.  We saw the Avengers (totally worth seeing in the theater!) and rounded off the night with appetizers at Chili's.  Ahh, the perks of not being students anymore.  I love my man.  He takes such good care of me. 

So Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers, motherly figures, and future mothers!  And a special thank you to my very own mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers whom I admire very much!  I hope your weekend was as special as mine.


  1. love love love love this!! soooo sweet. <3


  2. Thanks Jessie! Happy Mother's Day to you too. And I love the quote you put at the beginning. :)

  3. You are one amazing mama. Love that quote.

  4. Great photos as expected. I do love the one with Jed and the Russian captain's hat. Once I get a good photoshop family photo, I'll email to you. All of you being here meant the world to us. Thanks Jess, and yes, you CAN keep a secret no matter what Joe says....You proved it for five months!

  5. Awww...Happy (late) Mother's Day, Jessie! Sounds like you had an amazing day. I always love reading your blogs :)


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