Jed's Cowboy Room

Memorial Day weekend decided to grace us with clouds, wind, and rain.  So we gladly holed up inside the house and did inside things, like make homemade palmeni (a favorite Russian meal of Bron's), watch movies, and make delicious cream puff desserts.

Most importantly, however, I finished decorating Jed's bedroom!  It puts our master bedroom to shame.  In my non-biased opinion, I think it's perfect for a growing cowboy!  Take a look!

Isn't that the cutest little decorative window you've ever seen?  Those are real boots!  I think the handkerchiefs add a nice touch--and it's so simple.  We had already collected most of the decor, including the bedspread, so it all came together quickly and for a great price too.  Can't beat that!  I plan to add more to his room, but that will come with time.  (Notice: Most of Jed's toys are still in the other room because they're a distraction at nap time.)

And yes, Jed gets that big double bed all to himself!  He's been sleeping in his big boy room for weeks now.  I think he thoroughly enjoys the extra space!  He sleeps every which way--upside down and sideways.  I love checking in on him at night just to see his sweet face and laugh at what position he is in.  I also love hearing the door squeak followed by little pitter-patter footsteps in the morning.  The only problem is that sometimes those pitter-patters come at 1AM.

 I snuck in on Jed with my camera during his nap.  It was after 4PM and time to wake up!

 Jed looves his sleep!

    Stretching with a smile!  
He must've been ready to wake up because usually he's quite a crab.

In other news this weekend, Jed learned to say "please".  How could we deny him yet another cookie with such sweet pleas?  We have to encourage those kind of communication skills! 

Jed also got himself kicked out of nursery at church.  Bron and I couldn't help laughing.  The nursery leader was so sweet about it, but he was essentially a handful and a half!  Apparently, Jed wouldn't settle down for the lesson and kept the other boys wired and running laps around the room with him.  It looks like we've got a little trouble maker on our hands.  Jed is a two year old ball of energy that can make me frustrated and laugh all in the same minute.  We love this little boy!


  1. aww.. I love pictures of sleeping kids! And good job on the room! looks awesome.

  2. Love the window, it's soo cute and I think it's absolutely hilarious he got kicked out of nursery!! I didn't even know that could happen ;)

  3. So cute! - the room and Jed.

    So you really roast starbursts? Do tell.

  4. Barn Stars!!! I love how they made it on the wall!

  5. Oh my goodness.... his room is the CUTEST! You did such a great job!

  6. The room looks really cute. It's nice finally seeing where all of those stars are going.


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