Rain Puddles and Some Big Changes

^^Always room for a brother.^^

The weather this Spring reminds me of New York.  (Remember when we used to live there?)  Clouds and rain have been in the forecast every day.  Dark clouds seem to roll in, one storm after another.  Some bring light rain, others lightning and even hail!  But it really hasn't stopped us from getting outside.  In fact, it's probably the opposite.  We still live in a desert and rain here is something to be celebrated.  Jed and Levi have been having a blast riding their bikes through the mud in our driveway.  (Um, you should have seen the back of their slacks and vests just before church on Mother's day!)  And Conrad has been enjoying learning how to use an umbrella and how to splash in the puddles.

I love it.  I love it all.  Conrad is exploring the world for the very first time.  How thrilling would it be to be one year old all over again?  I can't help but catch his enthusiasm and grab my camera.  Jed and Levi are anything but glued to electronics or concerned about their clothes getting dirty.  And though it means more laundry and more baths, I would not have it any other way.  My boys are free to be boys.  They play.  They play outside.  And they play hard.  I hope we can raise them to keep it that way.          

Little Boy standing under a clear umbrella in the rain black and white photography
^^When I saw this image, I knew it had to be black and white.  Call it creative license.^^
^^Little goof!  Tasting the umbrella?^^

In other news, Bron just quit his job and started another!  Or better said, Bron is becoming an Independent Nutritionist for dairy cows and is in the process of wrapping things up with J.D. Heiskell.  Bron has felt a lot of loyalty towards J.D. Heiskell and they have treated us so incredibly well, but it's time to move on.  This career move has been researched, thought about, and prayed about.  And it just feels like the right thing.  In fact, Bron has that excited fire lit beneath him again!  I didn't realize until recently just how much his funk has affected my own personal funk.  In a marriage, we really are tied together!  This new job means a lot of changes for us (including but not limited to buying a second vehicle), but fortunately it does not require us to pick up and move at this time, if at all.  Thank goodness because I've really dug my roots in deep to this quaint Idaho town of ours.  Becoming an Independent Nutritionist is risky but it comes with a lot of potential too.  I have all the confidence in the world that Bron can do this.  Wish us luck!       

^^Conrad woke up from a nap just as a storm blew in.  It poured dime sized pieces of hail!  He stayed glued to the windows and just watched.^^
^^After the storm and an outfit change.  Kid goes through about three outfits a day.^^
^^Conrad's face when I shut the gate and told him it was time to eat dinner.  Haha.  By that fit, you'd think food was a bad thing.^^

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  1. Job changes can be scary, but also really exciting! I'm always amazed at how much my own husband's enthusiasm for his work (both in his career and in his hobbies) affects my own. That's probably how it should be, though! (Oh, and here in Northern Utah, we've been LOVING all the stormy/moody weather this spring! So beautiful!)


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