Jed's Baptism Day

Saturday was an extra special day for Jed!  It was the day he chose to be baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and to become a follower of Jesus Christ.  I was a proud beaming mama.  Jed couldn't have been more excited!

Jed was baptized at the stake center with all of his closest friends and family in attendance.  The room was full of fidgety little kids (all cousins and siblings of friends) and I couldn't help smiling; it's exactly the way it was meant to be.  I played my violin, everyone wrote some encouraging notes to Jed, and he was also given the gift of the Holy Ghost by his dad.  Simple, short, and sweet.

Then, by some miracle, we managed to feed all 52 people a proper Cinco de Mayo lunch at our home afterwards. It was chaos, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Looking around, I was overwhelmed by the amount of love and support I felt... all for my little boy, all for our family. We are so lucky.

^^Three little cousins were all born within four months of each other. I couldn't help snapping a picture of them together having a ball with Kaleb and Chantee's puppies!^^
^^Shannon sitting on Grandpa Nelson to "try on" his hat.^^
^^A good game backyard of Rugby and a little Lacrosse action too.^^
^^Motherhood.  DeAnn comforting Cooper.^^
^^Nelsons like to chit chat for hours.^^
^^Leah just being super cute and ready for summer with her bare feet.^^
^^Conrad learning to bike ride with his big brothers.  He'll get there!^^
^^When Shannon fell asleep in her mother's arms.^^
^^Love this wild crazy kid so much!!!^^

Dear Jed,

I love you.  I love you no matter what, just as your Savior loves you.  Utilize the atonement every week to become a better version of yourself.  Forgive yourself for your mistakes.  Your honest efforts will be enough when you have faith and follow Jesus Christ.  You're a good kid, Jed.  You're hands-down one of the best.  I know you have a mission and purpose to fulfill, even right now as the leader of your brothers.  Throughout life, you will learn and grow one bit at a time.  And if you're ever questioning, you have one of the best examples to follow: your dad.  He loves you too and has a testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ as well.  Your dad and I only want the very best for you and we will help you in any way we can to help you return home to our Heavenly Father.  Your happiness is our happiness.  Your well-being is our well-being.  I am so grateful to know that we are forever connected as a family.

Love Always,


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