The Nelsons Camp at City of Rocks

Last weekend, the entire Nelson family gathered at the City of Rocks for our second annual camping and climbing trip.  With nineteen children and twelve adults, we're becoming quite the group!  The trip couldn't have gone any smoother.  We lucked out with a storm that briefly rolled through Friday evening.  It left us with gorgeous skies and no camping neighbors!  We practically had the park to ourselves.  It was quiet (except for us) and beautiful.  I did not sleep a wink (Conrad slept with me.  He needed to have a hand on me at all times; he's a pro fish hooker, even when he's half asleep!  Ouch.) but we ate good food and climbed some of the best routes in the City.  Plus, all those cousins got to play and make some new memories together.  Overall, a win!     

^^The full rainbow after the storm!^^

^^Dutch oven chicken, beans, potatoes and cobbler made by Grandpa.  Yum!^^
^^Garrison and Levi ready to eat!^^
^^Conrad scarfing down dinner in his very own seat with a tray.  I may have used this chair just a handful of times, but every time I use it, I think, "Best Amazon buy, ever!"^^
^^And of course, there's Conrad finding every puddle left by the storm and soaking himself.  But the views!!!  Oh my.  Breathtaking.  I love the City of Rocks.^^
^^Tyrel, Kaleb, Micah, Wesley, and Jaden at the top of Bath Rock.^^
^^Kids that never stop moving or exploring.^^
^^That sky was just plain AMAZING!!!^^
^^Kaleb leading Rollercoaster^^
^^Um, I'm not biased towards this cute kid at all!^^
^^Beat up but still happy.  Notice the scrapes on Conrad's nose and forehead.  He took a couple of head dives into the dirt!^^
^^The kids were always gathered around Chantee and her two puppies.  They couldn't get enough!  Poor Chantee and puppies.^^

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