Bouldering Before Kindergarten

two boys exploring and bouldering in dierkes lake in Idaho in Shoshone State Park

May God continue to bless the return of sunshine and warm breezes and green life to Idaho.  We're in heaven over here.  It's Spring time which means I'm itching to get outside to explore and adventure with my boys.  This week it meant leaving the to-do list completely undone for a couple of days in exchange for getting outside with my two littlest munchkins before kindergarten and nap time.  One day was spent in the South Hills enjoying a picnic beside the creek.  Conrad soaked his diaper and was completely covered in mud by the time we left.  (I secretly love it!  To me, it's a sign of a good childhood.)  The other day was spent down at Dierkes on a little hike.  Levi was determined do find Kid Rock and do a little climbing.  So we did just that.  And these are the pictures I took along the way.  Our mini adventure made me feel alive and excited for summer!  

Big brother helping his baby brother.  Levi is known for taking Conrad's feet right out from under him, just because.  No joke!  So this scene was especially endearing.  Levi really does care about his baby brother.  He was concerned he'd fall into the water... which Conrad nearly jumped into instead!

^^Thinking deep five year old thoughts.^^
^^Always following his big brothers.  Conrad is enamored with Jed and Levi.^^
^^Just happy to be alive!^^
^^It's official.  Levi is cooler than me.  No exceptions.  The end.  It's all about his body language, attitude, and matter-of-factness.  Oh, and those curls.^^
two boys exploring and bouldering in dierkes lake in Idaho in Shoshone State Park
^^Bouldering Kid Rock^^
^^Milk Drunk and on a mission.^^

Til next time, Dierkes!

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