Swing Like Superman

Swinging after a thunderstorm.  The swing is Conrad's favorite place to be.  And the higher I push him, the happier he is!  In fact, when he escapes from the front courtyard (because somebody didn't close the gate), he bee lines it to his swing.  At least he's predictable!

These pictures remind me of Superman.  They were taken on the same day but edited at two different times, thus the colors are a little different from each other.  I just learned how to extend the canvas in Photoshop (and nearly killed this geriatric acting computer in the process.  But you guys, my new computer arrives Thursday.  It's like Christmas I am soo excited!!!) and now my mind is blown with creative possibilities.  Okay, so the photo on top is a bit ridiculous.  But in my defense, I'm sure this is exactly how Conrad feels when I give him an underdog.  Better yet, it's kind of how I see him in his joy for that swing.  

baby boy toes swinging in the clouds extend canvas in Photoshop

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