Snapshots of Spring

^^April showers bring May tulips... and sunshine and warm breezes. We're in heaven over here.^^
^^One night before bed with his favorite blanket.^^

I sometimes wonder if Conrad is my last baby because more and more it's beginning to feel like he is.  I see other babies and think they're cute, but I'm honestly okay not doing the whole newborn thing again.  I feel content (and almost overwhelmingly busy!) with the three I already have.   No more babies?  It's a bittersweet thought that nearly brings me to tears.  So I'm cherishing every minute of Conrad's babyhood.

Two things I want to remember about Conrad at 17 months:
1. How he has to reach for the doorknob above his head. Short stuff!
2. That enthusiastic happy little wrist wave. It melts me every time.

^^Three bros just hanging out in the back of Dad's pickup truck.^^

I totally set this picture up specifically as a brand rep for Regalo Baby, a company by the way, whose mission and people I completely stand behind.  Wonderful company to buy baby safety gear from!  Anyway, I actually like the picture so much that I'm posting it here.  It's totally Conrad.  And if that gate actually fit correctly there, we'd definitely use it.

My daily view out the kitchen window. Now that Spring is here, Conrad lets himself outside whenever he pleases. It's his happy place. (And I'm happy to have this little courtyard that keeps him from wandering into the road.) I love spying on what he's up to out there! He can be pretty entertaining.

Soaking his world, one spray at a time.  Conrad is obsessed with the spray bottle right now.  It's his new favorite toy.  And he thought it was the funniest thing when he snuck up on his dad one Sunday afternoon and got him in the face while he was napping!  Okay, I died laughing too.  Kid already has the same sense of humor as his brothers.

^^Summer vibes!  Just getting a drink from a water gun half naked in morning light.^^

Jed has a soft spot for animals.  When we picked up Levi from a birthday party over at my friend Shonni's house, we wound up talking for an hour and playing with the two litters of kittens still living on her back porch.  Sooo cute!

^^Telling Conrad to "be soft".  He got it!  For a minute.  Ha.^^
^^Another afternoon.  Another opportunity to play in the bed of Dad's truck.  It never gets old for these kids.^^
^^Macro + freelens + my favorite red and yellow tulips = a relaxing photo shoot for me with results I swoon over.^^


  1. I find your photography so inspiring! It encapsulates a lot of the same things I'm trying to do with my own (though I think you do it much better!). Totally your newest follower :)

    1. That's the kindest compliment I've received in a long time. Thank You! My photography has been a work in progress and passion for years.


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