Photo Dump

A smattering of favorite photos from February through May--and the Instagram posts that go with them--that I don't want forgotten.

^^Looking like a little old man in his Sunday sweater. He's my live dolly.^^
^^A peek into the boys' messy bedroom. Legos, superheroes, and cowboys are their whole world through the winter. They hide their best Lego creations on the window sill behind that curtain.^^
^^Stow aways, excited to pack for our weekend family reunion trip.^^
^^Hand dimples: a baby detail I can't get enough of!^^
^^Hangs in the Bumbo.  He's so cute I just want to gobble him up! Oh, how I love this baby!^^

Funny story. As we were getting ready to leave the house on Friday (February 24) afternoon, I put my boots on and felt something over the arch of my left foot. So I took it off and reached inside. I pulled out a giant stink bug (beetle)!!! I screamed, dropped everything, and jumped into the kitchen. Yikes! It gave me the heebeejeebees. Jed witnessed everything and was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. Then he saved the day by voluntarily smashing the bug with his own boot. Whew. Crisis averted. Now, the boys check my boots for me before I put them on. The perks of having boys!

^^Sweet sleeping monkey butt.^^

I am acutely aware of just how fleeting this phase of life goes, how good I have it. Three innocent little boys who love to play and explore, ask endless questions, and still insist on being tucked in with a lullabye--I have to pinch myself I feel so lucky. I am needed and loved by the people I love most and it is a wonderful feeling. If only those older and wiser folks at the store who tell me "to enjoy this" only knew how much really I do try to enjoy it all: to laugh off the fact that I just picked up something in the back of the car only to have crumbs spill all over my lap or that one of the boys somehow soaked his pajamas in the shower at the YMCA and had to walk to the car in his underwear or how I was up til 1AM rocking and nursing a baby for no real apparent reason. This is motherhood. I am in the thick of it. And though I don't enjoy every moment (that would be a lie), I have never felt more in my element. And this baby? I have never enjoyed a baby as much as I am enjoying Conrad. He is my personal little gift from God and he is precious. So much time is spent just kissing his cheeks, staring at every tiny feature, and just simply holding him close. I am so grateful to be a mother.

^^Proven fact: Men are ten times sexier when holding a baby. Am I right?^^
^^Just a few days shy of four months.  Where does the time go?!?^^
^^Never ending winter.  View from our back window.^^
^^More sleeping sweetness.  Awww.^^

Chillaxin' and watching Paw Patrol while I get ready for the day. I've really enjoyed our slow mornings together when he doesn't have preschool. He's such a happy helper! Which brings us to the big debate: morning or afternoon kindergarten next year? Even Levi doesn't know! I guess whatever happens will wind up being good.

^^After school welcome.  These two have such a sweet relationship developing.^^
^^My crew piled on the couch, watching some Food Network.^^
^^May 15: 60 degrees outside and they think it's summer or something. Not pictured: these crazies running through the sprinklers and Levi's tan line-already!^^
^^Splish-Splash!  Taking a bath!  When the bathtub is as big as a swimming pool.  Oh, to be a baby again.  Also, the kind plumber who came to fix our toilet showed me what I needed to do to get this drain working again.  Voila!  After probably a year, we have a tub again.  I'm so stoked.^^
^^Post bath snuggles.  I love my wet naked babies all wrapped up!^^
^^Feeling thankful for warm spring nights and full bellies.^^
^^More of that special bond... and a smudge on my lens.^^
^^Yummy toes!!!  So much time spent in that bouncer in the kitchen watching me make food and clean up.^^
^^Smoothie Monster!  Bron bought me a Vitamix for our 10th anniversary.  We've been using it multiple times a day since.  It's such an awesome blender.  Totally cool anniversary gift.  Haha.  I wouldn't have said that ten years ago!^^

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